College Of Hip Hop Knowledge Presents The 2021 CHHK Cypher

Featuring an array of 7 talents, College Of Hip Hop Knowledge is putting their top artists on the map with the CHHK 2021 CYPHER. Sill, Casino, Evita, Big Mic, Mic Trey, BigTree 4Real, and DJ Berlin have joined forces in a consciously poetic collaboration that vibrates with lyrical precision and Rap excellency. Founded in 2016 in Austin, Texas, CHHK is presenting itself on the market as the missing bridge between talented indie artists and higher-level connections in the larger industry.

It’s not often we meet a tight community of artists like College Of Hip Hop Knowledge. If you were to talk to Jsun The Prophesor, the leading mind behind many of the company’s projects, he’d tell you in heartbeat how proud he is of all of his artists. And he’s got plenty of reasons to proudly stand behind what he’s built thus far.

Peep for example Sill’s top four bars from the 2021 cypher right after the eerie intro: “And I want it now, I’m impatient, I dont think you can convince me I get a tomorrow/ You can give me ya two cents, turn around askin’ if I got a dollar to borrow/ You wanna buy you an island, I’m tryna open my eyes to an archipelago/ Houston, we got a problem, my stock is gonna go to tha moon like the Apollo.” Sill is astoundingly audacious in his delivery. And if his voice sounds familiar to you, that’s because we interviewed him in 2020 and we’ve also dissected his song Church. Seems Sill came in all guns blazing for the cypher as he sped up his usually laid back flow and went for technical sophistication this time.


As the CHHK 2021 CYPHER progresses, the second to rap on the beat is Casino. Casino is a new addition to the CHHK family coming from the legendary crew, Gutta Gang. Although his first official release with CHHK has yet to happen, his presence on the cypher significantly conveys his epic rhyming schemes: “I don’t go for broke, I go for billionaire/ Lego brick money I can stack it anywhere/ Black Republican I’m all about my money/ You Fozzy bear hustle, your ends are looking funny.” He’s got that old-school Ice Cube-like tinges to his flow.


Evita’s verse is heavily layered creating a ghost-like acoustic effect. She’d sound hella sick on Halloween type beat: “A couple screws/ Up up in my head loose/ My ego done grew/ So I could cut the b*tch loose/ A bottle of booze/ Yeah I broke it in two/ Screaming bloody murder said I’m talking to you.” Eesh! Talk about going harder than the boys. Her psycho character play is psychologically penetrating and asserts her dominant position on the cypher. She just stands out without a question.


Big Mic follows after Evita and his narrative explores the power of lyrical labour: “I’m a problem on these beats/ Like police on these streets/ I blackout and spazz out on melodies with my team/ Sound the alarm cause I’m back up on the scene/ Conducting masterful symphonies as a master Emcee.” Safe to say, Big Mic is the epitome of robust flow, transparent messaging, and probably the most elegant spirit on the cypher. We gotta mention the fact that Big Mic with Caveman are actually responsible for the CHHK 2021 CYPHER happening. The multiple winning Freestyle Champion of ATX and Vice President of CHHK organized it while the second shot the video.

Big Mic

Here’s the message I hope that you don’t neglect it/ You must except it or better yet Digest it/ Make investments working till I am restless/ Was raised in Texas checking goals off my checklist,” raps Mic Trey with the kind of energy and fervour that quickly turns into admiring bewilderment. It astonishes the listener even more so when you see him. From his photos he seems rather cool and collected but when he spits, Mic Trey brings about that fuming-dragon energy. The acute intensity is felt from the beginning to the end of his verse. That might be due to his CHHK related activity, having formed a dynamic duo for them with The Culprit called Sound of the Underground or SOTU.

Mic Trey

It’s hard staying real when I know most of y’all just pretend/ Look like y’all winning but looks can be deceivin’ /Call me Big Tree Kruger I’m killin’ ’em while they sleepin’/ Got ’em mad cause they can’t f*ck with tree even when they dreamin for real,” concludes BigTree 4Real. Can we all just take a moment to talk about his name? 😀 He trolled all future hosts in advance. Can you imagine Beyoncè having to present the Grammy Award to BigTree 4Real? That’s a sight we’d pay to see.

Big Tree 4Real

The Rap artist’s delivery is a lot more up-and-down when compared to the previous talents thus becoming an interesting and welcome contrast to summarize the cypher. Shout out goes to DJ Berlin for the intro break and initial scratches and J-Mixx for the rich, harmonious instrumental woven masterfully with the artists’ imposing, individual presences.

The official CHHK 2021 CYPHER video drops on the 8th of June 2021 at the link below:

Reported by Mariana Berdianu
Blue Rhymez Entertainment 

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