Trillion by Sill, An Unspeakably Rich Banger

Sill’s got something on his hands. From when we first met him until today, the man has embarked on an epic voyage to become a hit songwriter without fitting the mould. And might we add, he’s actually succeeding in doing so. Trillion, Sill’s latest release, is executed sonically and lexically with unusual skill and verisimilitude. The record marks a telling transition in Sill’s songwriting quality. It’s a straight-up banger that will guaranteedly find favor with both the ladies and the gents. Grandparents as well if they’re the rich type to play it up in the casino. Sill came, ate, and left with everyone’s food too.

In the very first seconds we hear a bewildering novelty of sounds: an old music box merged with an old film projector. The two go on for about 10 seconds after which Sill hits the beat with an equal amount of vigorous opulence reflected in his tonality: “I’m bout to make a trillion I put that on the H (on the H)/ I’m always on my grind I gotta whip from state to state (from state to state)/ I’m bout to hit the interstate I’m getting to my inner state (my inner state)/ Errbody wanna ball but errbody playing games (they playin games).” Speaking of the H, Sill is referring to Houston, Texas but he’s also invested in Austin, where he currently lives.

From the city of the swangers I’m a get in erry lane (in erry lane)/ I go hard in the paint you can come and get this fade (come and get this fade),” is the sequence where you’ll instantly be transported into the club. Strip club to be more precise. Those claps are by now instant ass-clap moves. We gotta thank Juicy J and his Bandz A Make Her Dance hit song for the association. The dangerously extravagant narrative proceeds with a confirmation for the imagery we just described: “Lemme see it lemme see It if you really got the cake (got the cake)/ Imma call you what I wanna I don’t need to know ya name (know ya name).” Well Sill, if you do decide to shoot a music video for Trillion, you need to pick a Halle Berry type of chick. That natural, no-silicone-touched type of body that will do justice to the pompous claims. We’re first in line to watch it ⭐

Sill is one of those misunderstood geniuses where he seems so different than everybody else but then you break down his songs and understand he’s actually playing the same game but smarter. The initial bar, although hinting of a hook, was the setup for the eventual hook. The catchy part is now introduced to the audience after verse one and is easily memorized for it has been promoted in advance in the opening: “I’m bout to make a trillion I put that on the H (on the H)/ I see you out here tellin all these b*tches whatchu ain’t (what you ain’t)/ You say you goin’ hard but you really gettin’ ate (gettin ate)/ I’m bout to make a trillion and throw it in ya face (throw it in ya muthaf*ckin’ face).”

Before Trillion reaches its end, the rapper pays a subtle tribute to Nas: “I was living life’s a b*tch and I had dreams of getting rich (dreams of gettin’ rich)/ Gonna take what’s in the duff and I’m a stuff it in a zip (stuff it in a zip).” The second bar imposes quite a shocking severity into the otherwise very entertaining record. Sill The Magician we shall call him.

The outro is the reinforced hook with various alterations and modifications, supplying the audience with the chance to sing along the motif plenty of times and vibe to it with confidence. The instrumental was sturdy and industrious since the music box and movie projector hit the speakers in the first seconds and it stayed strong all the way to the end. Sill has matched the music in its grandeur having abided by a deeply impenetrable flow and straightforward bars that will make just about everyone fall in love with this club banger. What a plot twist from the usually very dark-leaning lyricist.

Song Credits: Silvano Thomas Monjaras (Sill) – Artist, Songwriter; Dhamiri Thomas (Phast Phood) – Music Producer; James Cervantes (Tru Da Produkt) – Sound Engineer.

Make sure you support Sill by streaming the enthralling Trillion on Apple Music HERE, on Deezer HERE, on Amazon HERE, on Napster HERE, on Tidal HERE, on YouTube Music HERE, and on Spotify below:

Written by Mariana Berdianu
Blue Rhymez Entertainment 

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