10 Ways To Trick The TikTok Algorithm To Work In Your Favor

Whether you’re a Rap music artist or a Pop singer, chances are, if you’re independent, you’re struggling with money more than anything. Accordingly, you have to spend your time wisely and efficiently maximize everything you have available to equate the value of a team working for you. Since TikTok is pretty much the only platform in the world at the moment that allows for organic growth, we’re going to show you how to make the algorithm work for you instead of you constantly throwing pasta at the wall. Have fun implementing this knowledge right away.

10. Only Use 3 to 5 Hashtags.

Anything more than 5 hashtags and the algorithm will think you’re trying to abuse the system. It’s deemed as spam behavior. So use only 3 to 5 hashtags and always make sure they’re strictly related to what’s in your video. As we previously suggested, two-word hashtags work best.

9. Turn Off Geo-Location If You’re Not Living In A Hot Spot.

Yes, we told you to turn on your geo-location in our previous article but there’s an exception to the rule. It is better to have it turned off IF you’re not living in a big city that’s popular and has international interest. Reason being… if you’re living in a small city and you’re trying to be a Popstar, you’re gonna tap out your audience (reach everyone possibly interested) in a month max. Then you’re gonna be stuck with the same people watching you over and over again if you always keep your geo-location on when uploading your videos. So notice when you get stuck and turn off your location from now on to reach people from more areas. Ideally, you want to travel in other cities and states and upload videos from there too with your location on so that TikTok pushes your content in those new areas.

8. Keep 2 Accounts.

One for personal use and one for professional use. DON’T ACT LIKE A FAN ON YOUR MAIN ACCOUNT. You’re supposed to place yourself above the crowd and the average consumer. Thus, on your main account only like videos that are related to your brand and that represent tangencies with your industry. Don’t be a Rap artist liking cat videos on your main account. Sure, nobody will see it but TikTok will place you in the cat lovers audience and that will limit your own exposure because as smart as the algorithm is, it is also stupid and it thinks that if you like cats, then other cat accounts will like you too. Accordingly, you need a personal account for your own leisure time where you can like cringe videos, cat videos, couple videos, slime videos, but please never mix personal interests with your brand account. Not to mention that you’ll be able to give yourself an extra like every time you upload a video.

7. Post The First Comment Yourself.

This will achieve two things for you: instant engagement boost and further space to explain/add interesting details to the video. Some of you might have already noticed this on big creator accounts when you tap on the comment section.

6. Respond To Every Single Comment. Negative Ones Included.

When you’re starting out, every comment matters. Way more than you think. Do your best to not only like them but also individually reply to them. In writing, not with videos. We’ll tell you in another article when to reply with videos. It is all about engagement. More comments equal higher overall engagement which in turn tells the algorithm your video is sparking conversation and it will be pushed to new viewers, more often than not, followers of the accounts interacting with you in the comment section. And NEVER be profane. You’ll get reported by your haters and banned too.

5. Allow Duets, Comments, Public Visibility, and Phone Downloads.

TikTok favors videos that give people the freedom to twist, mix, remix, duet the content. If your stuff is private, the platform is NOT going to work for you. It will actually work against you. So make sure you have your videos and profile set on public and that you allow all interactions possible.

4. Share The Video The Next Day With As Many People As Possible.

For some reason, TikTok doesn’t take into account same-day shares from the same IP. But if you share your video the next on your Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp, TikTok takes note of that and boosts your video on the platform as it considers your content worthy of sharing. Shares are extremely important today. More than comments and likes as a matter of fact. If you got a sister or parent able to support you and help with sharing, by all means, do ask for their help.

3. Focus On Quality And Not Quantity

Make dope content. Simple as that. If you’re doing everything we’re teaching you and you’re not getting any traction, it is simply because your content is boring or low-quality. You got to match the market standards. And that is high quality, good light, good sound, and entertaining material. And you’re not Charli D’Amelio or the Build-a-b*tch singer to blow up for nothing.

2. Always Keep A 3-Digit Following Count

In case you’ve been living under a rock, people don’t do follow for follow since 2015. So keep your following count low to show your fans and followers that you’re a real person and only interested in certain individuals. Even if you get followed by 100k fans, you shouldn’t follow more than 999. It is a mental thing. It makes you look prestigious when you follow under a thousand people and yet you are followed by thousands yourself. Your worthiness increases tenfold.

1. Stay Authentic At All Times.

If you’re a cover artist, stick to covering songs in 75% of your content. If you’re a songwriter, caption your videos at all times and talk about what you do and how you do it. If you’re a rapper, rap your ass off and clearly show your followers what you’re about. Don’t look and act like a model while the end goal is to make people tune into your music. A fatal mistake you’ll never recover from unless you build another account from scratch.

 From Avant-Pop to Rap and Rock music, these 50 talents need and deserve support more than the ones you hear on the radio. So pay us back for the free articles by hearing THEM out. Thank you.

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