Don’t Test Me by Krissy Wayward and Xquaniti3, Pure Lunacy For A Good Cause

A memorably euphonious duo, guaranteed to satisfy Rap and Hip Hop heads tired of the same ol’ same, is comprised of Krissy Wayward and Xquaniti3. These two naturally attract attention for they combine forces, meld minds, and grant the public one of the most striking Rap collaborations of 2021 named Don’t Test Me!We’ve been through so much trying to make others believe in us and we realized later on that you have to show them that you believe in yourself first. When you gain that level of confidence, you gotta shake sh*t up. Find an alternative to sex, drugs, and crime. This song is about fighting not only who wish ill intentions upon you but also about fighting that part of you that’s hindering you from being the best person you NEED to be,” shares Xquaniti3 from Memphis, Tennessee for Blue Rhymez Entertainment.

A strong intro about the same level as Nicki Minaj’s Chun Li, exercises the mind of the listener as the instrumental is aggravated by the presence of the menacing ad-libs: “Soft ass n****, b*tch ass, trick Ass n****, Hahaha Xquaniti3 and Krissy Wayward b*tch!” The oriental vibes are heftily rewarding carrying with them warrior weight. And when the beat drops, Krissy Wayward starts: “I thought I told a n**** don’t test me/ B*tch I snipe like I’m Wesley/ This sh*t ain’t a giving you don’t get me/ Dancing with the devil so you gotta know who sent me.” The rapper’s delivery is nothing short of epic. She claimed that beat like it’s the last thing she’s gonna do. The Wesley Snipes metaphor is a welcome heart-warming ’90s throwback.

The devilish buildup is pressing, baffling, yet phenomenal. Xquaniti3 follows with some much darker thoughts than last time we met him: “So what’s ya deal?/ You been moving like a b*tch bruh/ You might as well turn ya d*ck into a p*ssy mane/ I don’t f*ck witcha/ Lay up off that coke n****/ And yea ya b*tch man?/ I made that h*e my c*mrag.” Uhm… Notice the number of stars we had to use 😀 On a serious note, Don’t Test Me! shows how dauntingly ambitious Xquaniti3 is between his releases. He goes from romantic admissions to street-like aggressions with frightening ease. With a degree of consistency that would make even Trump rallies jealous, Xquaniti3 flows rapidly: “I ain’t signing sh*t unless it’s about a million n****/ And I’m a artist not a rapper that’s a difference n****/ I had to cut it with that nice and buddy sh*t/ I’m still that n**** Tommy Hill on my duffle bag b*tch ass n****.” Xquaniti3 shows an extraordinary willingness to overdeliver and keeps a wild ring to his bars through and through.Stupid motherf*cker/ Yeah , I’m lyrical,” self-describes the Rap artist.

Krissy Wayward’s verse brings a most lively diversity to the formidable arrangement: “I ain’t never been the type to back down from some beef/ I’ll fire up his grill and tell him bon appetit/ Make a n**** eat his words/ Since my name between yo teeth/ B*tch I’m dangerous for free/ Ain’t no thang to cop a plea.” Holy f*cking wow! Can someone tell us why names like Cardi B are even a thing when we got rappers like Krissy Wayward??? Krissy’s bars land with undisputed eminence and in their savagery are heart-stoppingly beautiful. You just don’t meet artists like this every day where every line they gift you is a lyrical feast. Krissy Wayward, we appreciate you and are grateful for your pen game and honestly, it is hard to believe that this is the same person singing the hook to R for Romeo.

Our next favorite moment? “Nobody even like you b*tch I won’t play pretend/ I’ll say to ya face and then relocate ya chin.” This hurt just hearing it! 😀

After an outro scattered with vivid defiance, Don’t Test Me! reaches its end. All in all, the record is a mixture of pure lunacy for a good cause, raw bars, and a wondrous shift from the duo’s first collaboration. We, as listeners, get to enjoy a concentration of estimable talent and novel Rap takes thanks to the likes of Xquaniti3 and Krissy Wayward. We need more of them and more of similarly-built artists.

Song Credits: Keonta Johnson (Xquaniti3), Krishuna Banks (Krissy Wayward) – Artists, Songwriters; Shay Banks (Shay Banks Productions) – Music Producer; Cordarius Williams (Buck Nasty), Janeshia Payne (Nesha Deshun) – Sound Engineers.

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Written by Mariana Berdianu
Blue Rhymez Entertainment 

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