7 Critical Reasons Why NOW’s The Time To Migrate To TikTok

Yes, Instagram came up with reels and is holding on for dear life to not lose any more users to TikTok but the numbers are speaking for themselves with an 18% engagement rate on TikTok and only 4% for Instagram (some sources report even lower numbers). TikTok is the place to be at right very now because your effort, time, and money will pay off in bigger, safer returns than on Instagram. A major reason for the huge engagement rate discrepancy we think might be the constant vigilance over all accounts to keep bots off the platform. It is not unusual to receive a phone number verification on TikTok even if you’ve been in a great place with your account and never violated any community guidelines. And even if it would seem that the guys at Instagram are trying to play catch up, it’s a bit too late as one in ten Instagram accounts is fake. They were so focused on churning ads after ads that they forgot the core factor of the platform’s success: discovering interesting people and consuming entertaining content. Read below to discover the 7 critical reasons why NOW’s the time to migrate to TikTok whether you’re a musician or business person.

7. It’s not just young people anymore.

Medium shares that an entire 65% of TikTok users are over the age of 35. This mainly happened because the pandemic forced everyone to stay in touch with each other via social media. So the grandparents get on TikTok to follow their granddaughters and grandsons. Then some, be it out of self-entertainment purposes, clout, or too much time on their hands, jump on trends and spur grown hashtags like #dadsoftiktok and #momsoftiktok. If you’re an adult and have something to sell, TikTok is the best possible place to be at this very moment.

6. Organic growth is still possible.

Yes, we know there is now the Promote option available and that people who pay will inherently get their content pushed to more eyes but if you’re seriously fantastic at what you do and don’t just jump on bandwagons, you WILL get promoted for free and develop an amazing audience. It’s all about your retention power. How many seconds ANY given person will keep his eyes on your video. Ideally, you want them on LOOP.

5. Short-form video is the least time and money demanding type of content.

If you decided to start a YouTube channel, you would have to buy a great camera for HD resolution, a light ring or more for good light, a Rhode mic for good sound, a high-performance computer for post-production, cool items and panels in the background to advertise your business logo, several tripods as hiring assistants during these trying times is next to impossible. Long story short, you would very much have to invest in a mini film studio. Guess what TikTok requires of you? Your phone. You can get the good light by going out during daylight and simply not catch the sunrays directly in your lens. It’s never been easier to create content.

4. TikTok translates well to other social media platforms.

If you tell your followers on Instagram to check out your TikTok very few will do so. Same for Facebook. For some reason, it would seem that people who mainly use other social media platforms have a default dislike towards TikTok so they don’t really migrate like that. But if you tell your TikTok fans to get on other mediums to stay in touch with you, they happily do so. So if you could invest in creating content mainly for ONE platform, this is it.

3. It is easy to earn money directly on the platform.

Sure the biggest compensations always come from brands and official sponsorships but TikTok got very smart and saw the need for direct payments and enabled little icons that act as real-life tips basically. You guessed it, the more gifts you get, the more money you cash in although TikTok does keep a whole 50% of it. But where on Facebook is that even existent for example? In addition to that, we’ve seen creators directly put up their Cashapp, PayPal, or Venmo tag in their live sessions or bio caption to get donations directly. Yes, people call them donations but we consider them tips.

2. TikTok will only grow from here.

Why might you ask? Because Suckerberg doesn’t have his greedy lil paws in it. It’s the only non-Facebook-owned app to rival the likes of Instagram. Also, it’s growing in downloads and interest on steroids. More than any other existing social media app. So get on it NOW before it goes the Facebook or MySpace route in case it ever does. However, we are very hopeful TikTok will have strong longevity on the market. And still, whoever gets there first, has it much easier down the line than when every single one of us is using it.

1. It is fun and ever-changing.

If you ever had the privilege to live in New York you know that that city never stops changing. New York today is nothing like the New York of 10 years ago. It is shockingly alive for a city. That same principle sits at the foundation of TikTok. The organic factor into pushing videos from non-famous creators allows for evolution and change. Trends are started every day by the smallest of influencers and they grow HUGE and then the entire world is doing Khaby Lame’s hand gestures. TikTok is like the high school ground of the entire world. It is fun and alive. People just won’t sit on Instagram to scroll through static pictures anymore. They will watch reels if they never switched to TikTok but the big chunk of users who did transfer, never looked back. Hundreds of millions are estimated to have migrated although no official data is available. However, the decline over the past two years of IG usage matches the rapid growth of TikTok.

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