Picture This by Luiza Nis, A New Acoustic Pop Jewel From São Paulo

The mythical Luiza Nis from São Paulo, Brazil, blessed the world with a new sentimental poem that could effortlessly be attributed to almost every imaginable scenario depending on your perspective. Picture This adds both consistency to Luiza’s ethereal delivery and classical credibility to the immaculate production style she’s treated her fans with repeatedly. An Acoustic-Pop gem born during the pandemic as per Luiza’s exclusive recount for Blue Rhymez Entertainment: “This is the first song I wrote during quarantine, I remember feeling extremely anguished and hopeless about the pandemic and the political situation in Brazil. I didn’t want to feed this sense of powerlessness towards things we actually don’t have control of, so I wrote a song that represents the opposite of what I was feeling and perceiving at that moment, that’s why it sounds so calm and optimistic, but it has a sense of sarcasm at the same time, that is also why I entitled it “Picture This”.

Picture This kicks things off on a note just as mystical as its creator with the acoustic guitar closing in clearer and louder by the second. With its sonic zoom, we also get some airy echoes reverberating with conviction and a touch of eerieness. When the finger snaps join the instrumentation, Luiza commences her lyrical journey: “Freedom calls/ Backs turned to the walls/ 76, perfect degrees to let us fall/ Fear no more/ Tomorrow’s like before/ It created tricks to what we can’t fix/ Oh, hope galore.” Damn. That warmly toned, sweetly delivered, and heartily sung voice is a sight to behold. For your ears that is. Well, the singer is gorgeous too. Yes we know, God doesn’t play fair 😀 On a serious note, Luiza Nis feels to anyone listening to her catalog like that pulsar about to burst wide and shine so bright that not a single soul can ignore it. Fingers crossed!

He said to me “look around, baby/ To see exactly why I can’t be happy and/ Free” Live through this, put your mind at ease/ And don’t you forget what it isn’t fair/ Can’t be misled,” follows the pre-chorus with a very cool acoustic differentiation than the introductory sequence. This part is mightily catchy that if you didn’t hear any more of the song you’d be fine with it and convinced you’ve met the hook already. But hold up! It gets better!

Don’t really need to show oh-oh-oh/ ‘Cause you already know oh-oh-oh/ Every door is led to right now/ You gotta let it flow oh-oh-oh/ ‘Cause you already know oh-oh-oh/ Every door is led to right now,” optimistically rings the chorus of Picture This. Those ohs are impressively inserted with the express purpose of adding little earworms within the already majorly appealing hook. Fine songwriting at its best. From Brazil! Who’s willing to bet that if this girl lived in New York or LA she’d have been signed by now? Our entire staff is!

The genuine artistic vein is further developed in the second verse: “Found a cause/ To write it down on walls/ Like it’s 76, walking through the streets/ Witness a fall ‘cause I fear no more/ The days are like before/ I’ve created tricks to what we can’t fix/ There’s hope galore.” For some reason, the imagery of a late walk at night on the streets of Paris came to our mind. Luiza knows how to create entire visual masterpieces with few efficient words. Now it is more than clear why the title is Picture This.

The touch of much-needed hope is implemented later on the record during the bridge section: “I don’t really know how long it’ll take for/ These winds to change but/ I don’t wanna know how long it’ll take but/ These winds will change oh.” This mixture of vintage moods with modern meaning set Luiza Nis in a lane of her own.

The last pre-chorus and chorus add an extraordinarily sultry guitar riff that sparks the interest of the audience back up right when you thought you’ve heard it all. As a concluding remark, Picture This is most stimulating of the mind, the hearing senses, and instills a profound admiration for the songstress from São Paulo, Brazil. Luiza Nis is a must on your playlist if you enjoy high-quality non-mainstream music.

Song Credits: Luiza Guimarães Nishizaki (Luiza Nis) – Artist, Songwriter; Diego Martinz (Martinz Beats) – Music Producer; Emilio Pavolini – Mixing and Mastering Engineer.

Make sure you add Picture This to your YouTube Music HERE, on Apple Music HERE, on Amazon HERE, on Tidal HERE, on Deezer HERE, and on Spotify below:

Written by Mariana Berdianu
Blue Rhymez Entertainment 

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