Ride This Vibe by TL Jones, The Dance Theme Song For Being Grateful

TL Jones is the artist that keeps on giving. The songstress’ newest release, Ride This Vibe sounds surprisingly European for an American R&B artist. It’s almost as if the artist stepped into an undiscovered gold mine by taking the less-traveled route of House-Dance music. While usually heavily preferred by the Eastern Emisphere of the globe, a danceable instrumental with a stunning voice can easily find its way onto movie soundtracks, Dance clubs, and the now-behemoth TikTok. “We’re riding the gratitude vibe with this one. The times when I felt defeated and deflated and felt like I could cry no more, I got up, got dressed, looked in the mirror, and smiled at myself. On one of those nights, I had the time of my life. Got up feeling refreshed the next morning and decided to stop living my life in fear of what people thought and to stop trying to please anyone else but me. I’m grateful for what I have and if you can’t ride this vibe, your energy is off,” proudly asserts the one and only ridiculously talented, TL Jones.

How curious! The intro would swear to be a summer House hit made by the likes of Inna. But nope! This is the multi-talented singer, songwriter, producer, engineer TL Jones from Kansas City, KS. The feel-good instrumentation leads to a very warm intro despite the not so lighthearted lyrics: “Just broke up with my man, I’m feeling down and out/ Wanna do something new for once/ So I am going home, putting my freak dress on/ Going out to have some fun.” It’s the type of fun one forces themselves into after a breakup but ends up actually enjoying it and rediscovering oneself. We can all relate!

You know what’s really cool about Ride This Vibe even just 30 seconds in? TL Jones achieved extraordinarily well the placement of her airy pipes over the House-Dance instrumental. The delicate amalgamation underlines the distinctively courageous nature of the artist.

The pre-chorus one feels just as rich as a hook would but we soon discover it is the perfect upsurging vibe and sonic elevation that gets the audience buckled for the big moment. “Cause tonight I’ll put my hands up high/ No doubts present my problems aside/ Take a shot and get out of my mind/ As I slip away to Ride This Vibe,” follows the elated soprano voice of TL Jones. Production observation time! The vocals are seeing a considerable commercial improvement compared to the previous singles of the artist like Please and Emergency. It would seem TL Jones won’t stop until she achieves perfection in the post-production department and let us tell you, she’s damn near close to it! The voice sounds more balanced, warmer to the tone, and yet decidedly more crystallized when regarded in ensemble with the instrumental. Some of the artists reading this should start hiring the singer to help them out with the vocal engineering.

The chorus, “Cause I (Cause I)/ I wanna be free tonight, so let’s ride/ This Vibe (This Vibe),” is vocally boosted with smooth layers of harmonies that are powerful in delivery yet very wisely inserted as not to overtake the lead track. The repeated motif becomes the acoustic earworm of the record and just might have you humming before the second verse even hits the speakers. You want a prolonged summer? This is the song to help you!

The second verse is even more fun than the first as it portrays the true intentions of the singer and that is to get out of her own head but not inherently in anyone’s bed! “So I am at the club/ I’m dressed to the nines/ Looking good from head to toe/ Men all over me (but)/ I’m not entertaining (all)/ My energy is on the floor.” We love a strong, self-reliant, talented woman. We need them badly at this moment in history.

After the bridge that reinforces the pre-hook of Ride This Vibe, we are greeted with the chorus and outro that use TL Jones’ vocals as the central part of the song around which the music is melded and commanded.

When dissected and paralleled against the 2020 releases of the songstress, Ride This Vibe personifies the musical break of TL Jones from the past self. The sonic quality of the artist keeps soaring as if in direct response to the ever-increasing confidence of the singer. You are witnessing artistic evolution and multi-layered growth.

Song Credits: Ty’esha L. Jones (TL Jones) – Singer, Songwriter, Recording, Vocal Engineer, Music Producer; Jaz Brewer (64111 Studios) – Sound Engineer; Dwane M. Jimersson (J.E. Pro Beatz) – Mixing Engineer.

Make sure you add Ride This Vibe to your playlist on YouTube Music HERE, on Apple Music HERE, on Amazon HERE, on Deezer HERE, on Tidal HERE, and on Spotify below:

Written by Mariana Berdianu
Blue Rhymez Entertainment 

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