FEAR by Shilpa Ananth, Turning Societal Anxiety Into An Empowering Avant Pop Statement

While still unimaginably varied in her catalog, Shilpa Ananth, currently based between Dubai and New York, keeps one fire element at the core of her musical integrity. And that is ladies and gents, an obvious natural fondness for Progressive Pop exploration. FEAR, the singer’s latest epiphanal release, mercilessly pulls the artist into the very middle of her own encompassing societal turmoil while offering her demons on a breathtaking Avant Pop plate.I wrote FEAR as a form of therapy to express the crippling anxiety I was filled with about whether I should move forward in my musical journey, or give it all up and pursue a life more “stable” and “settled” in the eyes of a traditional-minded society. Creating FEAR helped me not only stand up to those voices, but also overcome the unworthiness I was feeling about myself, and through the process of actualizing this vision, I banished my demons and found my own source of liberation and empowerment,” candidly shares Shilpa Ananth exclusively for Blue Rhymez Entertainment.

Can anybody hear me?/ I’m trapped in a mirror inside/ And as she takes over/ I wonder if I’ll make it out alive,” commences Shilpa Ananth in a sorcerous-like vocal dynamic. Those roaring drums accompany and elevate the singer’s delivery with a great deal of enthusiasm. One might think a theater play is about to start but no. It’s Shilpa Ananth at her best yet.

That bass groove is hot, those drums are sick, and Shilpa is wondrous both acoustically and visually. Holy smokes if this isn’t a music video worth of a Grammy! “I’ve come so far, yet I am nowhere/ Years go by as I open every door/ Out of cards I look up at the stars/ And pray to know what I’m in for,” vocalizes the songstress mirroring what all artists across the world are fighting with on a daily basis but somehow get overlooked. If we had to put into words what means to be an independent artist, this is the definition of it.

Shilpa Ananth excels at implementing Indian-stylized riffs and runs in her tonality and boy does it become a sonic rollercoaster for the books! There’s no other artist in the world you can compare this woman to. Even when you have the option of choosing amongst a rather infinite galaxy of new names and new voices, you’ll turn to Shilpa Ananth once you’ve gotten to hear her music.

The following lyrics depict a rather sinister aspect of the aging process effect upon the woman’s thoughts in today’s very weird and perfectionist world: “Lost in a maze dreading time as I age/ I’m spinning out of control/ I was certain of my life purpose/ Unafraid of the unknown.” We pray that with the likes of Shilpa around we will get to live a novel era with grown artists leading the industry or at least a third of it. We are willing to compromise and leave 1/3 to teenagers and the second third to the older crowd who bump to Prince and Presley.

The following sequence halfway through FEAR is revealing itself to be melodically ethereal and lyrically of a wallowing sustenance: “She’s gonna hold on/ As she feeds on my inner light/ Locked in her shadow/ Do I give in or do I fight?” You see, bold inner dialogue like this and a pensive but self-reflective state of mind are basically guaranteed to hold the attention of the public. Who do you know in mainstream media to be this beautifully blunt and concomitantly delivering gorgeous velvety vocals and organic instrumentation? Do you hear the crickets? 😀

We get significant emotional closure in the following rhymes: “Breaking the chains holding me down in vain/ I’m leaking inspiration/ Won’t let her claim my worth or focus/ Through it all I will rise.” The instrumental feels euphoric by now and we’ve reached that sweet spot where we’re granted a grand finale with an altered repeat of the 2nd strophe.

A song that conveys a sense much deeper than the title it’s been assigned with, FEAR is a loud Avant Pop statement from one of the most illustrious indie faces in the music industry. This new assertive attitude of Shilpa Ananth glistens and glides to your soul’s core scarily fast. A toast to unique and original art eventually displacing industry plants!

Song Credits: Shilpa Ananth – Singer, Songwriter; Drum Player – Corey Fonville; Mastering Engineer – Jett Galindo (at The Bakery LA); Music Producer, Mixing Engineer – Andrew Moore (Drew of the Drew); Percussion – Moez Dawad (MO3Z).

Make sure you add FEAR to your playlist on YouTube Music HERE, on Apple Music HERE, on Amazon HERE, on Deezer HERE, on Tidal HERE, and on Spotify below:

Written by Mariana Berdianu
Blue Rhymez Entertainment 

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