Going In by EarlTheAuthor of Dellcy , High-Class Rap Plus Struggle Equals Art

From Cleveland, Ohio, EarlTheAuthor, one half of the Dellcy duo, combined his real self and his artistic side on a most mind-stimulating song named Going In. The record is nothing short of pertinacious and authentic, portraying with susbstantial lyrics and instrumental accuracy the ups and downs of the daily life and less-than-perfect upbringing. “The inspiration for Going In comes from the aftermath I have to deal with after spending 20 plus years of my life growing up without a father in an environment of poverty and crime. The pain, however, shaped me into the man I am today. A strong influence in my life is also my wife, Dalena Carroll, the other half of Dellcy. She’s always in the mix and except for this one song, the music co-producer of the EP,” shares EarlTheAuthor exclusively for Blue Rhymez Entertainment.

EarlTheAuthor’s “oh yeah yeah” ad-lib can be interpreted as a natural accompaniment to the vintage organ sound permeating the room far and wide. The slowed-down tempo signals a potentially upcoming brooding mood. At 20 seconds in the drums join the track but ever-so-subtle leaving the front spot to the artist who says: “I’m going in. Let me talk to ’em. That’s it. And I’ll be out of your way,” with the last sentence on pitch sounding almost like a secondary melody instead of a spoken announcement.

Boy you said you was a gangster/ Now you singing like a musical/ Your grandmother at the funeral/ But f*ck it n**** that’s the usual/ And all my grandmas dead too,” rap-sings one half of the Dellcy. EarlTheAuthor is instantly perceived as an all-rounded artist instead of just a rapper. The way he layers and moulds his bars into a coherent, catchy pattern is arguably the top trait of the greatest of our times such as Drake, Lauryn Hill, André 3000, and Kanye West.

EarlTheAuthor proceeds to shape his narrative through a number of variations astutely delving into family talk after the previous grandmother mention “Mama I know you’re beautiful/ And my father wasn’t home/ But I know that ain’t nothing new for you/ I know you see a n**** starving/ They wanna eat the whole plate on me/ I know we nothing like the latest/ But wifey yea she the greatest/ Why the f*ck you gotta hate on me?” The calm that engulfs the message while extremely realistic, is omnipotent enough to send chills down your spine. This is a man and an artist who’s been through a lot and has witnessed a lot. It takes plenty of pain to remain so stoic in front of darkness and despair.

As if to prove us right, EarlTheAuthor follows with a direct mention of death: “And even if I die/ I pray the sins be forgiven/ But I made my decision/ I was dead broke that’s the pain I was giving/ Looking for a whip that’s big enough to live in/ Naw this ain’t the real game it’s a scrimmage.” The stupefyingly honest revelation pulls in the audience making it bond with the artist through his very relatable struggle. At the end of the day, only 1% are rich and we’re all 99% poor in comparison to them.

The artist settles the superiority over his rivalry via “stealing” their romantic interest: “Mad at me ’cause they can’t take flight/ I get your b*tch Imma f*ck all night/ And she say it’s one hell of a night yea/ Smoking strains never did before yea/ She said your weed never hit this strong yea/ Dusse she said pour me some more yea/ After that she gone need some more yea.” EarlTheAuthor kept an incontestable melodic congruency and pitch consistency throughout the entire record rendering his delivery a work of art easy to absorb by all those listening.

The absence of a hook was barely felt during the two minutes and 30 seconds. And at this point we’re met with a hybrid form of an outro bridge: “Yeah n**** I be going in (x4)/ See the money now I gotta win yeah/ Disrespect now I gotta sin yeah/ Yeah n**** I be going in (x2).

The strange yet mystical instruments, the somber yet enthralling mix of the music and voice, the real yet menacing narrative, come together on Going In to differentiate the artistic quality of EarlTheAuthor from the rest of the music market. The talented rapper/singer is well capable of generating immediate admiration by using all of his attributes simultaneously. A song that you will replay over and over again.

Song Credits: Earl Edwards (EarlTheAuthor) Artist, Songwriter, Music Producer; Josh Maunus – Vocal and Sound Engineer.

Make sure you add Going In to your playlist on Apple Music HERE, on Deezer HERE, on Tidal HERE, on Amazon HERE, on YouTube Music HERE, and on Spotify below:

Written by Mariana Berdianu
Blue Rhymez Entertainment 

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