5 Reasons Why Willow Smith Is A Legend In The Making

Happy Birthday to Miss Willow Smith, aka WILLOW, a true Gen Z-er born on October 31st, 2000. The young lady has been getting attention lately for all the right reasons. Besides being named one of the 100 most influential people in the world in 2021 by Time magazine, she’s also riding high the TikTok trends with the live performance of Meet Me At Our Spot having the world do double-takes at the girl we once knew to whip her hair. Co-hosting Red Table Talk on Facebook with her famous mother and sage grandmother, Willow Smith also earned two NAACP Image Awards, being the voice of her generation in mainstream media. We are confident WILLOW is a legend in the making and here are the five reasons why we are willing to bet on it.

5. Her Fame Has Been Consolidated Since The Beginning.

With your rocker mom who was BFF with Tupac Shakur and your rapper dad who’s the hugely famous Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, people are literally holding their breath to see what came out of the mix. Willow Smith is of high interest to the entire world, not just in America or to a niche group of people. She’s the daughter of two people who shaped mainstream culture in very specific, memorable ways. From an open marriage, stellar movies, relevant YouTube and TikTok channels, and stupidly entertaining interviews, Willow’s mom and dad make one great couple of showmen who’ve paved the way for their children.

4. WILLOW Has Unconventional Perspectives That Make Great Headlines.

As seen in the above YT clip, Willow Smith bluntly admitted she’s the only polyamorous person in her group of friends but she’s also the person who has the least amount of sex. What else is there to add? You can’t read a headline like that and not click it. Whatever she does or says is of great interest to tabloids and media in general. That is one proven formula for continued press. Free at that too.

3. Her Music Slaps.

Willow Smith’s music does feel like a vast breath of fresh air in today’s music industry. The woman makes great Rock music with tints of Pop, Indie, Grunge, and intense Alternative vibes added. Sure, you may not hear her music 24/7 on the radio but best believe, when you do tune in, you want more of it. And she picks really great bandmates to collaborate with. Cheers to more sonic excellence from the daughter of Will Smith!

2. She’s Vulnerable Enough To Like Her But Timid Enough To Instigate Curiosity.

Personality. That’s one key ingredient that celebrities sort of have or simply, don’t. WILLOW has plenty of it. From the fact that she barely ever sports any makeup on Red Table Talk but then shows up with smokey eyes in her music videos smoking and engulfing the camera with her gaze, Willow Smith is naturally entertaining and pulls you in with her choices and lack of any set-in patterns. You don’t really know what to expect of her but you know it’s going to be good.

1. She’s The Right Age To Build Global Stardom.

Willow Smith is, as of today, 21 years old. The ideal age in which you’re relatable to a whole lot of people. You can still pull in the teenage crowd with no issue. But you are also a great reminder to adults in their 30s of their not-so-distant early 20s, which everyone romanticizes. People live vicariously through celebrities. So if Willow let’s say, succeeds majorly this year, everyone will be here for it as she is growing into herself and cultivating her own path in this world. If she, on the other hand, f*cks up in some major manner, everyone will forgive her as nobody knows better in their early 20s. Willow, this is your time to try everything under the sun as both success and failure will benefit you. Happy Birthday!

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