Tonight We Party by King P, A Potent Pop Song With A Dash Of Saxophone

Imagine being musically so multi-faceted that you create not two but THREE versions of the same song: “I originally wrote this song as a saxophone Pop party song. When the engineer Brennan Fussman mixed that version, he urged me to write to it as well, so I did thus the multiple versions of the song. 3 to be more exact: sax version, Rap version, and the reprise version which is the singing version. The music video is a short film video filmed in Los Angeles a day after my birthday on October 3, 2020.” Ladies and gents, that’s King P at his most unapologetic self. Tonight We Party unequivocally settles the question of who’s the best present-day MC who’s also a great saxophonist.

It’s a King P party, good vibes like never before! So wave your hands in the air, you already know. All the ladies get to the dance floor! Fellas get the drinks, let’s party, let’s go!” comes in the grandiose announcement by the artist. As the excitement runs high in King P’s voice, the fine sax joins the acoustic experience and makes a considerable display of high-class Hip Hop. The irreproachable production quality is laudable and seems to even increase over the duration of the record. King P continues: “Everybody everywhere let’s dance/ Maybe you, girl tonight I’m your man/We dancing, all night long/ bend over let me see dat thong,” with the prominent ad-lib throwing back to the Thong Song. Ah, the song many of us were singing in our childhood without realizing wtf came out our mouth 😀

And the next lyrics couldn’t be more perfect summoning, as a matter of fact, the same year that the Thong Song was released: “It’s a party, everywhere we go/ It’s a King P show so act like you know/ We doing the butt, we jiggling baby/ Party like it’s 99 let’s go crazy!King P’s flow finely glides through Rap, shouting, spoken word, all while remaining astonishingly energetic and active in his delivery. The man has good diction and he knows it and he uses it.

The heavy drums go in an upward spiral preparing the audience for the hook with Tony Vociano: “Tonight, the music got me under a spell and we gon’ party! (x2).” If you’re a music connoisseur, you might notice the short form of the hook. The curt segment however is saved by the overall melodic sound of the song. If this had been a dry Rap record, it would have fallen flat with this hook. But since King P bountifully supplied the entire track with his magical sax, everything sounds intentional.

The self-describing part after the hook is opening King P’s personality wide and vividly for the public to immediately wanna follow him on Instagram: “I wanna rock right now/ I’m King P and I came to get down/ I’m not internationally known/ But I rock the mic and the saxophone!/ So let’s go cuh.” Why this feels endearing? Because the man worked as the Assistant Head Drum Major for Prince’s Superbowl XLI Halftime Show and yet he remains extremely humble about his true reputation.

King P seems to have an MC moment when he raps with considerable sharpness in a most ’90s-like manner: “You, you, you come here girl/ I wanna dance with you/ Let me touch ya soul/ We’ll rock and roll/ Like never before make you lose control!/ Tonight we party/ All night long and the music got you under a spell/ So it ain’t no wrong!/ Girls gone wild, boys gone wild, jump!/ Then the after-party/ Aye we gon’ bump!” The party vibe is elevated by singer’s authentic commitment to hype up the listener. This is not someone who was reading off a paper in the studio. This was someone who most likely had a drink nearby while the pop filter was at heavy use during the recording session. This is pure fire ⭐

The featured artist, Tony Vociano inevitably sparks up the build for the hook drop as he joins in on the harmonies: “Now everybody, I said everybody/ Tonight we party is for everybody/ So scream out yeah to this hit/ Now sing dat sh*t!” And of course, the brilliant stroke of Jamaican flavor kicks towards the very end of Tonight We Party because well, King P is a bonafide entertainer: “Wine ya body ya body gyal/ Shake ya body gyal/ Bounce ya body gyal!

Tonight We Party is a distinguished addition to the repertoire of King P for it perpetuates the singer’s tremendous energy that is granted to the public via complete works of Hip Hop, Dancehall, and Pop. Whatever song one might listen to of King P, one is instantly hit by the realization that his music is a veritable illustration of success leaving traces. A star in the making.

Song Credits: Phillip Solomon Stewart (King P) – Singer, Songwriter; Tony Vociano – Featured Artist, James Murphy (Boowie) – Songwriter, Music Producer; Brennan Fussman – Sound Engineer; Outlawed Beats (Joseph Cohen) – Sound Engineer for the Reprise version.

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Written by Mariana Berdianu
Blue Rhymez Entertainment 

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