Pretty Brown Eyes by Gasner The Artist, A Country Gem With RnB Roar

From Spring Hill Tennessee, Gasner The Artist makes a grand display of an indomitable mix of Country and R&B on his newest showpiece, Pretty Brown Eyes. We promise, you never heard anything like it. While defined as Alternative Country on the streaming platforms, Pretty Brown Eyes lionizes the use of mainstream R&B elements and vocal approach on top of the ever-so-classic acoustic guitar. Pretty face brown eyes tinted/ Cute ponytail no nails painted/ Blue jeans fit it/ And she really don’t know much about no city living/ But this country girl she sure knows how to work with it,” sings Gasner The Artist making the female listener wish she had brown eyes as well.

You know Gasner The Artist has utterly defied Country when you hear that brr. This sounds so polarizing and equally exciting that it just begs for further perusal. The singer applies his warm vocals to the fun dynamic and does a 180 when compared to the consistent flow the audience has become used to. If he used to prolong vowels in order to crystalize his skilled pipes, today Gasner is cutting, chopping, speeding, and twisting his words and delivery. This was, hands down, the bomb record of the week. “I swear I saw some fireworks/ As she walked up to me man it made my eyes hurt/ A cold piece of work/ Now she got it, everything a man needs/ She can make a city boy turn country” continues Gasner The Artist after the introduction. The lyrics are flirtatious and fun remaining immune from turning cheesy. Something that you’ll find extremely rare in this business. Gasner The Artist is the personification of blending practical narratives with a wildly fun vocabulary.

The music so far felt soft and largely dependent on Gasner’s direction. This is a breath of fresh air for connoisseurs that are exhausted of instrumentals carrying the artists. And no, we won’t link them because publicity costs! 😀

When the hook announces itself, the listener is mightily invested and hangs on to every word Gasner sings as a direct result of the beautiful and versatile rendition thus far. But my oh my! What do we have here? The Country singer side of Gasner The Artist came and ate the catchiest part of Pretty Brown Eyes: “I met her in a small town where they mud race every day/ Them big ooh pretty brown, brown, pretty brown eyes they made me wanna stay/ She’s from a small town where they throw horseshoes every day/ Them big ooh pretty brown, brown pretty brown eyes/ Gon’ make this city boy turn country.” The leaning towards the Country half is a much-awaited feature by the older fans. Unless you live in America and listen to a specific type of music, ad-libs like skrt and brr won’t necessarily do much for elevating your spirits. And trust us, this was an incredibly intelligent transition because you want your hook to be the most melodic ingredient in your song. So many genuine kudos to Gasner The Artist from Blue Rhymez Entertainment for outstanding songwriting and story development.

Before we move on to the rest of the song, we have to mention a couple of other key features that separate Gasner The Artist from the bunch. Go replay the hook. Did you take note of those excellently inserted riffs and runs in the background? Sheesh! They are so far back when compared to the lead track that to the untrained ear they probably would pass off as invisible but when added to the mix, they fill the room and remind the public that Gasner is a heavyweight singer. He’s not just a Country artist or singer. He’s a champ.

Along with those beautiful supporting tracks, the instrumental too suffered alterations and changes for the better. The banjo came in strong and beautiful, the echo increased, the room got bigger, and the overall impact is heavenly. This just might be Gasner The Artist’s best record yet.

Continuing in the same vein of lively depiction and sentimental imagery, Gasner The Artist invites the audience to surrender to the feelings of new love and fiery attraction: “She ain’t over the top wit it/ Low-key with no makeup but she’s hot with it/ I be loving the way that she ride on that four-wheeler/ And she don’t mind getting dirty even though she is so dam pretty/ I’m losing control like never before I’m packing my bags.”

The bridge is exceptionally well executed and brings about bonafide R&B, Chris Brown-type vibes with the generous ending vocalizations highlighting just how versatile Gasner The Artist’s voice can be: “I really think that I have fallen your the only name I’m calling/ Got me drunk in love and you can call me an alcoholic/ Now she’s right, right where I wanna be/ She gon’ make this city boy turn country.” This added dimension of elegance renders the record a marvelous commercial creation. Gasner, you outdid yourself.

Pretty Brown Eyes is Gasner The Artist’s most experimental yet most well-rounded acoustic creation. It is a compelling consideration of the singer’s multitude of genre appeals and it helps the brand of Gasner The Artist emerge as a behemoth from the shadows. Nobody would have seen this coming from a Country act.

Song Credits: Gasner Allen Hughes (Gasner The Artist) – Singer, Songwriter, Sound Engineer; Brandon Manley – Electric Guitar, Banjo Player, Music Producer; Walter Person – Mixing Engineer; Kevin Nix – Mastering Engineer.

Make sure you add Pretty Brown Eyes to your playlist on Apple Music HERE, on Tidal HERE, on Amazon Music HERE, on Deezer HERE, on YouTube Music HERE, and on Spotify below:

Written by Mariana Berdianu
Blue Rhymez Entertainment 

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