5 Questions You Must Answer Before Shooting A Music Video

Putting out music videos has become an industry standard for all musicians, independent ones included. With the easiness of recording video material via phones and DSLRs, everyone is doing it. So how do you survive and thrive in an almost over-saturated market? You pause and answer the following questions to assess what you could do better or don’t do at all. Breathe in, breathe out, and read on!

5. Do I clearly understand what we’re gonna do or I’m just winging it hoping for the best?

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Unorganized and unplanned music videos only come out great when you run in high-class circles because then every moment and place you go to is fine-looking and you do cool stuff with cool people. But assuming you’re part of the 99% majority, your daily life and locations are way too relatable thus your video won’t be memorable. Have a plan, a vision, drawings, sketches, Pinterest boards, and YouTube references. Never wing a music video when you lack finances. Actually, the less money you have the more you should plan every second of your music video in advance.

4. Does my videographer have good references?

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He doesn’t have to be a big shot for you to want to work with him. But the video the guy has to do for you CAN’T be his first-ever video shoot. The first time of anything is almost always crappy and low quality. You want your videographer to have already had prior experience with shooting people in similar environments. The light offered by a studio is inherently different from the natural light that shows on camera when shooting on a bridge for example. For each light type, the camera settings need to be adjusted and properly tuned to match your skin tone. White skin needs different white balance settings than black skin or even olive skin for example. Your videographer has to know these things way before working with you or your video will turn out to be an experiment and not an achievement.

3. Do I have a proper marketing plan in place?

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If you think marketing starts when the filming stops, you’re wrong. You need to be hyping up the visuals and recording way in advance so that when the music video is here, your fans are in YouTube queue to watch its premiere. If you do your homework, you’ll find that the shooting itself is a huge opportunity for marketing. If you’re smart, you’ll pay a cousin or some student to take behind-the-scenes videos and shots so you can use those to build anticipation for the official release. Also, of course, you need to keep putting out content on social media.

2. Do I love the song for which I’m about to shoot the video?

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But what kinda question is this? you might ask. A very legit one we answer. If you’ve just finished recording your song and you’re experiencing fatigue from exposure to it, take a month’s break if you have to but don’t show up for a video shoot with disdain and exasperation for your own record. The energy is palpable and the irritation notable. Make it a rule to only shoot when your vibes about your song are at their highest.

1. Am I being original or just emulating someone I wish I was like?

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Tsk tsk. Don’t allow your creativity to fall victim to comparing yourself to an established artist. There’s no way under the sun for you to pull off a Black Is King masterpiece WITHOUT having Beyonce’s money, sponsors, deals, connections. You just can’t. So don’t be a cheap version of a famous artist. Be the best you could possibly be given the resources you have. Somebody That I Used To Know is a marvelous example of cheap production looking high-end due to its utter originality. And on a most serious note, your creativity will thrive under the pressure of lacking certain things or means. Nobody made history when they had all they ever needed. Scarcity makes you better and gets your wheels turning. Later on when you’ll be rich you’ll have to hire creative teams and directors because you’ll be lacking ideas. So enjoy your struggle now.

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