5 TikTok (and social media) Content Ideas To Post This Winter As A Musician

You don’t have to resort to the same ol’ same Xmas covers. We’re THIS close to being in 2022. The world has changed, standards have raised, consumers have adjusted their preferences, and you’re a better musician. So do justice to your amazing music and step up your social media content. Below you’ll find a pragmatic list of 5 types of videos that you can post on both TikTok and everywhere else where video is allowed. Your fans will thank you. We promise.

5. Your Favorite Jingle… With A Twist


Repost de cette vidéo d’il y a un an. Est-ce qu’on réclame un remake ? 🎄🎙@madisonwatkins #alliwantforchristmas #mariahcarey #sing #christmassongs

♬ original sound – itsMADWAT

Jingle bells, jingle bells, jingle all the way/ Oh my God this sh*t is hard, gotta work all night and day, hey/ Jingle bells, jingle bells, jingle all the way/ No-body told me how hard would be this music thing, hey, you get the idea. And those lyrics are ours so don’t you get any funny ideas! Also, a great festive mood is a must along with a really, really ugly sweater ❤

4. You Dancing To Your Own Song In A Christmas Outfit


Is it too early for Christmas songs?🎄🎅🏽 @joetasker #christmas #fyp

♬ Last Christmas – Ruby Anne Bauer

You should be treating your own catalog as people treat Ariana Grande’s holiday songs: with love and appreciation because unless you do that first, no fan will. So get an ugly sweater on, some funny socks, and dance your ass to your own Xmas song or even a non-holiday song. It will work best if it’s winter-themed but it’s not wrong if it’s your latest Dance release about Gucci shoes and vacations in Ibiza. Well maybe rightfully you shouldn’t talk about summer during winter 😀

3. A Top 5 Countdown Of Your Favorite Holiday Songs

We suggest this only if you’re a singer and you can actually sing snippets of your favorite Xmas songs instead of just running through the audio sequences. Pretty faces are dime a dozen on TikTok. Great voice? Not really. Peep Santa in the video to get a better idea of what the TikTok crowd expect from you.

2. A Mini Xmas Music Video For A Song Of Your Own

User drea_perez11 captured this idea fabulously. Except that you’ll do it for your own song. Ideally your record is made for the Holidays, but it’s fine if it’s not. What matters is that you make it as Christmassy as possible without coming off as inauthentic. And compared to Drea, you want to show your face so show yourself singing along to your record while you’re doing Xmas Shopping, cooking gingerbread, taking the dogs for a walk in the snow, decorating the Xmas tree etc. Your imagination and laziness is your only limit.

1. You Singing/Rapping Your Letter To Santa

If you really wanna go for a 10/10 content quality, go with entirely original concepts like singing or rapping your letter to Santa. It has to be either very relatable or very funny to garner a strong reaction from people. There is only one video on TikTok staying on top of the tag xmasfreestyle and it’s the one we embedded above for you. So jump in before the masses do.

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