10 Incredible Ways Of Repurposing Your Press Articles As A Musician

Nothing sounds more like fingernails on a chalkboard than seeing an artist getting a great press piece and just letting it die out when if leveraged, it literally translates into more money, more fans, more opportunities, more sales, more conversions. While a label knows exactly what to do with good press, the indie artist, on the other hand, is often left in the dark as he doesn’t have access to media training or expensive publicists. Read on to discover the 10 incredible ways of repurposing your press as a music artist in this day and age.

10. Prime Announcement

courtesy of J Flow

This is the default type of post that usually all artists are smart enough to display on their social media. Some, however, are truly on another planet and don’t bother sharing and showing their press on their profiles or even official websites. How do they think they will ever gain notoriety when they don’t tell their fans how they’re being seen and appreciated across the world? Don’t be part of the second group and immediately share and reshare any press you manage to get about you and your music.

9. Social Media Short Introduction

courtesy of Darxx830

When you’re new to the scene and you don’t know what’s your brand statement, you should lean into what critics and bloggers have said of you and embrace the way your music is perceived. Meaning, even if you thought you’re doing Pop music, if professionals have expressed their opinion on your music and stated that you do Alt-Pop, go with the latter. Usually, these people have decades of experience under their belt and have heard more music than you ever will in your lifetime. So in that little space you have on Instagram or TikTok, quote the 3rd party speaking of your music along with the link to the article. At the very minimum, include your press in your linktree.

8. Timelines, Banners, Cover Photos

courtesy of Shilpa Ananth

Shilpa Ananth used her BRE interview’s lead banner to send a strong statement to anyone visiting her Facebook profile. Repurposing an article for a Facebook cover photo was new even for us. The singer, songwriter seems to have rather the knack for efficient marketing. You can equally repurpose your press articles for the Twitter banner, YouTube Channel artwork, IG highlights, etc.

7. Official Website Track Record

courtesy of Oscar Biggs

As an independent artist that is not worldwide known yet, you MUST provide to all interested parties, meaning fans, journalists, sponsors, labels, and A&Rs, a track record of all the press you’ve gotten on your own to the present day. Someone who’s not being talked about, is not worth investing in. Or simpler put, you gotta have a buzz other than “follow my music yo”.

6. Professional Biography

courtesy of Don Esco

In the image above you have a snippet of Don Esco’s professional biography that you can read in its entirety on his website. What Don Esco did was leverage the review and award he had with us in 2020 to give a significant boost to his track record and artist accomplishments that are a MUST component of any professional biography. If you have any press that is quotable, include the best lines in your bio. Let the media do the talking and sing your praises for you.

5. EPK

courtesy of Rachael Kilgour

Whether your EPK is one .JPG file or a dedicated page on your website, you should start it with an immediate quote by a third party. Meaning it’s not something your mom said but rather a professional in the business. Make sure you embed the link to the full article so that the reader can click it right away to verify the validity of the quote. If you’re not aware to what end EPKs are still being used, think of events where the organizers have very little time to go through the submissions. Festivals and live gigs hugely favor scouting artists via their EPKs than visiting full websites or social media pages.

4. Social Media Branding

We have yet to see the first artist who’ll put in the work to repurpose his entire article as a streamline of Instagram stories, reels, or even Facebook video or YouTube shorts. It is that simple. Put your song in the backround, copy paste the text of the article done on you, and space it out over the seconds and minutes so that the readers can consume it in a reasonable time. You can do it on TikTok, Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, everywhere really. Trust us, your fans will be that more proud of following you when they’ll see others have taken notice of you too.

3. YouTube Video Caption

courtesy of YouTube

We love David Sparks here at Blue Rhymez Entertainment but David needs some help with properly captioning his gorgeous music videos. Imagine if the caption started with a press quote of the song instead of repeating the title and adding unecessary tags in the front. For tags, there’s a special section on YouTube Studio. Whereas the description/main caption of the visual needs to draw immediate attention and keep it! If you kick things off with what press outlets think of your music video/song, you achieve the same effect as a book in the store that has quoted reviews on its cover to convince you of its value. Musicians need to seriously start taking notes from other industries.

2. Social Media Ads And Marketing Campaigns

courtesy of Neil Patel

You ever got stuck on not knowing what to write in your ad campaign and how to tell people to go listen to your song without actually begging them to do so? A press quote is your answer. Instead of “new song out, go listen to it now,” open your ad with a powerful sentence written by a reputable source. How much better does this sound? “If you want to feel first-hand how it’s like discovering a diamond that everyone overlooked before, this is it. It’s Corleone Flow, an EP that reveals human nature through the recounts of the artist.” followed by “Go listen to Corleone Flow NOW on your prefered streaming platform.” It’s simply good copy already written for you. USE IT!

1. Any Celebratory Occasion

courtesy of Instagram

You ever panicked on Throwback Thursday asking yourself if you should just give in and post your pets and family on your musician profile? DON’T DO IT. Put up a press quote! It doesn’t matter from how long ago it is. As long as it’s older than a couple of months, it’s good enough for TBTs. You can repost press quotes and reviews of your music on MANY occasions: music mondays, anniversaries since release, anniversaries of music videos, celebrating gratitude and the blessings in your life, your birthday, ETC. Just think outside of the box and the answers will FLOOD you.

In conclusion: NEVER let a good press article about your music die in anonimity. Good quality, original press is very hard to come by. When you have a quotable article, use it in all forms possible to push forward your career and significantly boost your crediblity as a music brand.

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