The 5 Commandments Of Valuable Content for 2022

If you’ve had a hunch all along that posting 5, 6 times a day is stupid, you’re right! No one needs that much content to build a fanbase. What everyone needs though, is highly valuable material. But how do you determine what is worth posting on the likes of TikTok, YouTube Shorts, and IG Reels? Simple. Follow the next 5 commandments of valuable content for musicians as per Blue Rhymez Entertainment.

5. Your video has to deliver a lesson directly or indirectly.

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Do you remember when everyone said that Millenials are the me, me, me generation? Well, it only lasted for about a decade. Since TikTok blew up and beat the life out of all other social media platforms, the tides have turned and now it’s all about your consumers and not yourself. Whatever you have to say, show, share, has to provide true value to the fans. Signed a bad record deal and lost ownership of your masters? Be authentically vulnerable with your audience and they’ll support you harder than you ever thought possible. Gen Z and everyone else following them on TikTok support genuine people. And by the way, flash news, old school celebrities have lost major territory to TikTok celebrities who more often than not, are people like you and us. Be open, be vulnerable, admit to your mistakes, be a good human being and you’ll find your niche. Even when you speak about yourself, there has to be a major takeaway for those watching.

4. You have to know your audience.

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We get that musicians are often talented in way more than just one field. But long-lasting brands have never been built by targeting the same audience with vastly different products and vice-versa multiple audiences with the same product. Each audience has its preferences and topics of interest. If you do Rap music, your content will be a whole lot different than someone who does Blues. And surely, don’t sell your cookies on your music account. Create a different account for each hustle you run.

3. You have to be in sync with the world.

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You can’t do the Harlem Shake when everyone else has moved on to the Ice Bucket Challenge. For your own good and for your career’s longevity, make sure you also step in the consumer’s shoes and read 5 minutes of news daily, look at other videos on TikTok for at least 10 minutes a day, and analyze what triggers people into an immediate reaction. We gained an extra 1,500 visitors 2 months ago when the Astroworld tragedy happened because we wrote an extensive article about it before everyone else. We did our research, compared documents, and attacked a topic that was on everyone’s mind but few were putting in the work to actually back up their opinion. Be among the first few to talk about a major event in your songs, skits, or commentaries, and watch how much organic traffic you get to your page/ profile.

2. You have to stay true to your core values.

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If you’re someone who is all about nature vibes and veganism, keep it 100 at all times. Don’t start wearing a fur jacket when you’ve repeatedly claimed you care about the environment just to look cool. And of course, the opposite is equally true. Don’t start rapping about saving the planet when you drive a diesel car, fly constantly, and eat meat. Know your lane and make sure your actions match your words. People pay attention and will judge you less if you’re being honest about not contributing to a cause than being loud about it and not following through.

1. You have to be refreshing and inventive.

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You are the artist, you make the ultimate rules. Just because everyone else is now shooting from a frontal angle, doesn’t mean you have to limit your home videos to that aesthetic alone. While you do have to be in touch with the world and read the room, spice up your content with unique elements. Those personal touches can be reflected in your background, your camera angle, the things you say, the spin you put on trends, the captions you write, the people you mention. We kid you not, there’s a WW2 soldier who just turned 100 years old on TikTok and he shouted out Addison Rae on a recent trend video he did. She’s 21. No one knows why he did that but everyone is talking about it and we’re shocked, to say the least. Maybe you shouldn’t go that far, but if a 100-year old dude got attention for mentioning someone controversial, you don’t have an excuse for not being creative.

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