Wait for You to Come Back by Dafney, A New-Age Track For The Romantics

From the beautiful New York the mesmerizing Dafney is gracing our publication with her newest single, Wait For You To Come Back, after we’ve first met her two years ago. “I wrote this song in mind with the idea of representing the struggle of someone who can’t find his purpose anymore in contrast to the person that doesn’t want to give up and believes that love is stronger. It could be the dialogue of a woman addressing the man she loves, who at that moment feels lost. In the end, he is invited to find the light again because despite everything she will wait for his return,” shares the apparently incurable romantic singer exclusively for Blue Rhymez Entertainment.

Wait For You To Come Back is a heart-warmer and a New-Age ear-pleaser for Dafney turns out to be a magical singer with surreal vocals able to hold down entire choruses by herself by giving life to phonetic pairings.

The echoing, lightweight bell commencing the song induces a state near hypnosis. A few seconds in Dafney’s airy voice comes along almost humming wait with a solid vibrato at the base of it. The electronic synth is building up momentum in the background pushing the singer’s voice into the limelight: “Empty soul, broken path/ Storm of worn photographs/ Flowing between your hands/ It’s been too long your faith is gone/ But it’s always dark before the dawn/ And I’ll wait for you to come back/ I’ll wait for you to come back.” Albeit delivering high-pitched notes, Dafney’s voice never lacks depth or large-scale resonance.

The lyrics grow heavier with each line depicting with purposeful accuracy the unfolding of the personal drama. However, the listener is not left in sullen vibes. The dark before the dawn bit keeps the audience from generalizing the song as a usual love ballad.

When one would expect Dafney to break into ceiling-breaking Celine Dion notes, the hook instead lets go of the main vocal track and adopts a beautiful array of back vocals and vowel elongations as the leading ingredient. You will easily hear the intermittent, FX-driven cuts in the voice samples. The electronic influences are felt the most during this segment of the song. The sonic biosphere is rich, heavy, and spectacular thus bringing about memories of Enya. If you’re late Gen Z or Alpha, you’re forgiven for not knowing who Enya is. Just the best-selling Irish solo artist in history.

As you walk among the gloom/ I feel your sorrow and the wounds/ Burning into my skin/ You are my healer and my curse/ But I love you more than all the hurt/ And I’ll wait for you to come back/ I’ll wait for you to come back,” follows the second verse. By the very way, we all need a Dafney in our lives but they’re mega hard to find. Love me more than all the hurt? Waiting for me to come back? That’s unicorn stuff. And when you find one her name is Dafney. Cool beans and sad tears.

I’ll wait, I’ll wait/ Even if days never end/ I’ll wait for you to come back,” spreads the bridge out into a marvelous, gigantic mass of vocalizations, harmonies, and unisons. Ah! Music magic. Seems that even when she’s saying nothing in particular, Dafney’s voice still evokes strong sentimentalism and bursts of emotion.

And my oh my the third verse is giving Beyonce a run for her money. “Crippled by your own fears/ Let the sun come dry the tears/ So your light will shine again/ Rip off the mask you’ve worn so long/ And find the place where you belong/ Where I’ll wait for you to come back/ I’ll wait for you to come back/ Oh, I’ll wait for you.” Dafney could sing any damn genre at this point and she’d pull it off with ease but Downtempo, New-Age seems to hit that sweet spot with the listeners and her own aesthetic. When you see the artist, you experience a wave of tranquility and ethereal calm.

Wait For You To Come Back hypnotizes and beckons the listener with a New-Age melody more profound in its resonance and more impactful in its lyricism than the indie-specific market segment. The songstress possesses a magnetism that goes hand in hand with the soulfully appealing narrative and delivers imposing concoctions of supporting tracks, harmonies, flawless vibratos.

Song Credits: Monica Cialona (Dafney) – Singer, Songwriter; Cristina Valente – Music Producer; Roy Hendrickson – Mixing Engineer; Reuben Cohen (Lurssen Mastering) – Mastering Engineer.

Make sure you support Dafney and New Age music by adding Wait For You To Come Back on Apple Music HERE, on Amazon Music HERE, on Deezer HERE, on YouTube Music HERE, and on Spotify below:

Written by Mariana Berdianu
Blue Rhymez Entertainment 

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