Good Night by Joshua Flores, Cold Disco Meets Hot Funk On Smooth R&B vocals

The seemingly unbounded appeal of the ’80s records has made its way onto Joshua Flores’s catalog. The singer’s newest release is an entirely separate identity from the likes of I’m Yours, Take You Home, or Insecure. “I always like to push myself to try out new things with my music. Recently it’s become more popular to make retro-style kinds of songs and I wanted to see if I could make my own. The beat and vibe of the song make you feel good and want to dance so that’s what I wrote about. Think of when you are with a certain someone that just makes your night better so you dance the night away,” shares Joshua Flores exclusively for Blue Rhymez Entertainment.

Good Night carries the charm of a relentless ’80s acoustic loop where Disco meets Funk and are vigilantly woven with Joshua Flores’s R&B vocals. Where does this pack of sounds come from? Dallas, Texas.

That groove bass line is one tiny bit landing with big impact in the very first seconds of Good Night. The initial emptiness of the room propulses the guitar into the spotlight thus excellently embodying the feel of an impending night.

It’s gonna be a good night, good night/ Now that I’m with you/ We’re gonna have a good time, good time/ I love to watch you groove/ I don’t know how you do what you do/ But the way that you move makes me say oh, goes the engaging hook of the single. Joshua’s vocals keep their R&B quality with much grace and skill. From the sound of it the singer, producer, songwriter could run off with any damn genre under the sun and still make it a banger. The good night and good time added repetitions offer the song the whiff of a top-notch earworm. Just a dash here and there without dumbing down the record which is usually the case when songwriters try to create catchy tunes. Joshua Flores, you are one intelligent musician.

The verse cuts right into the hook bearing a striking melodic resemblance to it but it crystallizes its distinct outline shortly after: I’ve never been someone looking for attention/ But I know I’ve got yours now, yeah/ ‘Cause when my hands are on your hips you feel the tension/ I’ll take it all if you allow. The perceptible nuance is the way Joshua’s voice lingers in the same area of pitch and ending elongations. Monochromatic? Sure. But it’s for good reason.

‘Cause I’m about to lose it, lose it/ Watching you on the floor/ The way you do it, do it/ Would make anyone ask for more/ I don’t know where you have been all of my life/ but now that you are by my side, presents itself the aforementioned reason. The pre-hook is almost as intense as the hook itself adorning its motif in heavier groove and bass accents.

The second verse is much more extravagant in its introduction and actually steals the show for a second with its rapid flow delivery: Why you standing there looking all shy?/ You know you’re fine something money can’t buy/ I promise baby that I would never lie. You’re the one lemme tell you why. This change of pattern in the melodic blueprint of the verses immediately displaces any

The guitar riff commences at 01:55 and lasts all the way until 02:31. And boy does it deliver! Sophisticated yet well intercalated as a bridge-filling section for Good Night. It beams with melancholic notes that turn suave very fast and when consumed in the context of dancing the night away with the special someone, it all clicks together. And in case you didn’t know, the riff is, as a matter of fact, played by the singer. Pick your jaw off the floor and share this article to support Joshua Flores because you know damn well they don’t make them like this anymore.

Good Night transforms the public’s outlook of Joshua Flores from a modern hybrid singer to a universal talent who can challenge any genre and make it his own. The simple yet visual lyrics are a big asset in the singer’s market value for Joshua Flores lays out movie scenarios in front of the listeners detailing both strong plot lines and marvelous soundtracks.

Song Credits: Joshua Nicholas Flores – Songwriter, Music Producer, Sound Engineer, Bassist, Guitarist.

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Written by Mariana Berdianu
Blue Rhymez Entertainment 

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