The Top 3 Insanely Advantageous Benefits To Using Facebook in 2022

The following article will give you a deep insight into why it may be the right time to… GO ALL IN with your Facebook profile and page. We know, we told you Facebook is dying, and in a Gen-Z sense, it did. Young people under 25 just don’t mess with Facebook like that. But there is a heap of people who are intelligent and likely financially well who hang out on Facebook. And there are also not-so-obvious perks to using mainly this platform over the others to promote your music. Below are the top 3 insanely advantageous benefits to a music artist using Facebook in 2022.

3. Dedicated groups and the marketplace are indispensable tools to indie musicians.

From what we’ve seen and researched, Facebook has bad groups and good groups. Obviously, you want to be part of the 2nd type. A good group by BRE definition is a group where you have to answer several questions to be accepted and those questions are centered around the topic of interest of the group. Questionnaires that only basically ask you to type YES to do you agree to never bully someone in the group? pertain to less-moderated, highly-trafficked, low-value groups. If you do manage to find a local group that belongs to your city/region, then you’ve hit a gold mine. Be courteous, nice, introduce yourself, take an interest in others and YOU, you will quickly meet people in YOUR area who just might buy the tickets to that Saturday tavern that locals forgot existed.

As for the marketplace, it’s damn near perfect in assessing immediately if someone is a troll or a real individual selling a real product. It is so, but so easy to get an accurate impression about the person trying to buy your stuff, or vice-versa, based on their Facebook profile. You don’t get this benefit anywhere else in the world, not on eBay, not on Amazon, not on local sales websites, not on Craigslist. So when you’re looking to sell your old DSLR or even possibly exchange it for something better, the only platform that will help you do just that with high reliability, is Facebook Marketplace.

2. It is very easy to strike real conversations with strangers.

Thus organically expand your reach and potentially gain new fans of your music.

Did you ever comment on one of those apparently dumb but genius posts of 2+2*2-equals-how-much type? If you did, then you know that all of a sudden you have people adding you to their friend list and maybe even sending you a message saying how glad they are that you too share their opinion. If you didn’t, you’re missing out on folks who think like you. And those who think alike, listen alike. If you are part of comics groups, comment on Spider-Man memes, and you love Rock music, guess what? It is extremely likely those members and fans of those same interests will know to appreciate your musical talent. You can’t have the same array of interests as a group but be completely opposite to their taste in music.

And you know what’s funny? You don’t have this chance on TikTok or Instagram. The IG algorithm is messed up in all kinds of ways and lately, it’s become an uber-personal medium so people only follow and talk to people they already know. TikTok does not allow for direct messaging unless you follow each other. In conclusion, Facebook is the only place where you can easily talk to a stranger without befriending them, and only after you’ve gotten to know them, you can proceed with a friend request.

1. Facebook is the only platform that allows for context.

LinkedIn sucks for music artists. Especially if you’re not a big deal yet. What’s the point in personally connecting with a known booking agent or A&R when the only thing they’ll see on your profile is you struggling to get higher engagement? No matter how important the people on LinkedIn are, they are still people driven by the same motivators: what’s popular must be worth looking into.

And where does a music artist go when TikTok only allows for ONE link and doesn’t guarantee that all of your followers will see your new uploads? Instagram? No. Their engagement is ridiculously low and if you don’t do video format, like TikTok, you don’t stand a chance to pop. In all seriousness, the only platform that allows for unlimited text, links, AND visuals of any kind, is Facebook. We thought by now many more would have left the social media behemoth but sincerely, there is nothing out there yet that can replace the functionality of Facebook. Not to mention the Facebook Ad Manager where you have a ton more options to customize your ads and squeeze the most value out of your hard-earned dollars.

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