Myself and I by D.bé Jayri, Connecting With Your Soul On RnB Vibes

From Toronto, Ontario, D.bé Jayri is coming through with a complex-yet-easy-to-assimilate sonic creation named Myself and I. The R&B single is a premium presentation of old-school arrangements meeting modern societal exertions. The singer, songwriter recounts exclusively for Blue Rhymez Entertainment: “I began writing this song in April 2022 to express my experience with anxiety as music has become my best form of therapy. Myself and I demonstrates the importance of mental health and the need to heal your mind, body, and soul. I was fortunate to have worked with Makii who produced the instrumental and with Bryant Didier who laid down the electric guitar strings.

The introductory Oh, I don’t know why/ I’m like a river/I’ll find my way around, points to a significant composition denoting D.bé Jayri’s overall commitment to acoustic eminence. The river association gleams with momentousness for it reminds the audience that the energy of a person is ever-changing and ever-flowing. It helps that the vocals are soulful and robust.

Distance my soul from your body/ Myself from your loving/ Myself from the hurting, gorgeously adds up the sample from Play Nice’s Distance release. Regarding the heavenly intercalation, the artist shares: “The words of the samples spoke the same intentions of my verses, as the lyrics and meaning fit so perfectly with the lyrics of my verses and pre-choruses, so I decided to use the words of the samples as the intro and chorus of Myself and I.

The growingly hypnotic instrumental rooted in the acoustic rendition of the soft drums, heavily layered vocals, and ethereal guitar, grows on the listener with every passing second and finally introduces us to D.bé Jayri’s own passionate R&B vocalizations: At first you said/ You love me/ And I believed it/ Yes, I did/ Yeah yeah/ But now I don’t know/ What you puttin’ me through/ So much pain and disrespecting from you. Far from being a linear perspective, the songwriter arranged the lyrics in such manner that they shine light in equal parts on a potential romantic relationship but most importantly and evidently, on a toxic self-love-hate dynamic.

The acoustic R&B pondering ensues with great tenacity and supreme grace leading the public into the breathtaking pre-hook of Myself and I: When I met you/ We fell in love/ But now I can’t see/ You smile anymore/ You making me feel/ Unloved and alone/ So, I gotta leave you/ I gotta distance myself from your love/ Distance myself from you. A tremendous complementary ingredient to the mix are the omnipresent supporting vocals executed very much à la Beyoncé. Not too many, not too tight, not too loose, not too near, not too far – just perfect. Major props to the producers and engineers!

The second verse is soul-engulfing in its message and it beautifully draws from the relatability to the unwanted but inevitable downfalls in life: All I wanted/ Was to be happy/ But I know life/ Life is not fair/ My heart sometimes break/ From all the problems I face/ And the love I lost along the way. If you thought the singer was going to leave the public on a morose note, you were wrong! Show some faith in artists! Not all of us are hosts of negativity and despair. But I will stay strong/ I will hold on/ Whatever may come/ I will stand tall/ I’ll set myself free/ From all miseries/ And when that day comes/ I’ll be the best version of me, stupendously encourages D.bé Jayri the spirit of the audience. What a fit ending to a memorable song!

Myself and I is a most emotionally fulfilling R&B record that is framed in a decorative instrumental and spotless mixing. It promises to be your guiding light on your rainy days without imposing any religious dogmas.

Song Credits: Dadrien Brown (D.bé Jayri) – Artist, Songwriter; Chad Opperman – Music Producer/Instrumentalist; K.R. Moore – Sound/Studio Engineer; Bryant Didier – Electric Guitarist; Carla Jaye Scantlebury – Songwriter; Itai Shapira – Songwriter; Kenyatta Naji Johnson-Adams – Songwriter; Matthew Bradley Sugget – Songwriter; William W. Dantzler II – Songwriter; Benjamin Schwier – Songwriter; Play Nice Ft. Zilo, Insightful, Naji, Bowtye, Biako, Benny Abel – Sampled Vocals (Background).

Make sure you support D.bé Jayri by streaming Myself and I on YouTube Music HERE, on Deezer HERE, Amazon Music HERE, Tidal HERE, Apple Music HERE, and on Spotify below:

Written by Mariana Berdianu
Blue Rhymez Entertainment 

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