Ridin’ by Hoagie Reignz, Modern Country Rock At Its Finest

From Beaver Falls, Pennsylvania, Hoagie Reignz shares exclusively for Blue Rhymez Entertainment: “The song came about when I was listening to some older records for inspiration like some old Doo-Wop standards, early Rock’n’Roll, and got inspired by the storytelling of the rockabilly and early Blues. So I set out to retell a scary situation I have had in the past driving around with a female companion in a fun/comical way.”

The song in question, ladies and gents is Ridin’. The single carries swag-imbued lyrics paired with the cheerful attitude of lively Country Rock music making it a statement record in the career of Hoagie Reignz. The two ingredients coming together form the very definition of modern Country Rock, when recognizable genre-defining elements are still present but don’t limit the sonic expansion of the artist.

The Country Rock bounce melded with some very Hip Hop aloofness is noticeable from the start: Ridin’ along in my automobile/ And it’s f*ck 12 ain’t got no Ls/ The woman beside me gives me chills/ Lookin’ better than hundred dollar bills/ I’m blastin’ my song on the radio/ Wit’ no particular place to go. The tenor voice of Hoagie Reignz strikes the listener as a chilled-back type that does music for fun and self-enjoyment and not as much for impressing others. This attitude is contagious and palpable making Ridin‘ a fun experience from the getgo.

Although we’re not at the hook section yet, Hoagie Reignz succeeds in laying down the bars in a prosperously melodic manner enough to get you hooked along the progression of notes this time with a fun pitch twist at the end of each line: She love that I sing, she love that I rap/ She lovin’ my hustle known to get racks/ She love my whole city’s up on my back/ Yo it’s time to come up ain’t no time to relax/ She diggin’ the whip the way that I roll/ Wit’ no particular place to go.

The songwriter transformed the usual 4-bar pre-hook into an impactful 2-word exclamation: For Real. It is most interesting listening to Ridin’ as it offers varied combinations of tones all the while remaining a consolidated earworm. The hook is represented by a low-pitch processed vocal repeating the title and boy does it do its job! The method in which it is delivered assures the listener of the song being an up-to-date production and in trend with the latest standards.

Safe to assume, the realness of the recounted situation comes in right about now: Pedal to the metal, my car was in gear/ When I noticed the police dead in my rears/ Let go of the gas to slow down my speed/ When he cut on his lights, I was tuckin’ my weed/ So, I pulled the car to the side of the road/ And he flew right past me, thank the Lord. Hoagie Reignz, if you ever get tired of music, go into script writing. Your storytelling abilities are admirable! And we’re glad you’re alive on a most serious note.

Then she replied, my n**** you shot/ But all of this danger’s making me hot/ What you tryna’ do? She said that I know/ Now I’m spinnin’ the bend, headed straight to my home, see? The man didn’t let us off the hook and went for the jugular instead leaving us by the edge of our seats. Just what the hell happened in those last 4 bars??? o_O

Ridin’ presents us with the realized potential of a rich tenor voice, that of Hoagie Reignz, giving us a convincing impression of a modern Country Rock star who’s actively choosing to cross paths with Rap and Pop music.

Song Credits: Holden Raines Jr. (Hoagie Reignz) – Artist, Songwriter; Ian Patrick Hill (DJ WhatIPH)- Music Producer; Nick Kucel (Innertube Studio)- Sound Engineer.

Make sure you support Hoagie Reignz by streaming Ridin’ on Amazon Music HERE, Apple Music HERE, Deezer HERE, YouTube Music HERE, Tidal HERE, and on Spotify below:

Written by Mariana Berdianu
Blue Rhymez Entertainment 

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