Top 10 Best Country Songs Of Fall 2022

We’re back at it accommodating the fans of Country music and inviting outsiders to hear out some exquisite records that are highly likely to convert you into a long-time listener of the unique genre. The sonic vitality and lyrical variance present in the following 10 songs place the artists in a lane of their own. From hundreds of Country jams we sorted through, these are the big-time winners as per Blue Rhymez Entertainment.

10. The Little Things by J. Scott Carson

From appreciating his better half, acknowledging their special contribution through the little things they do, to openly admitting heaps of gratitude for small things and the unseen (love), The Little Things by J. Scott Carson is an endlessly endearing Country record with a particular inclination to appreciating the home life and beautiful trivialities that comprise the human experience.

The singer’s vocals are a major factor in the overall sonic frame of the jam for they are on the lower register, something already atypical of the genre, yet performed with grace and a light, warm dynamic perfect for transmitting the lyrical concept.

9. You by Bear2

While most definitely able to fit the Indie Folk box AND the Country drawer, the occurrence of male and female harmony, duet, and intercalated rendition, plus the letter-like lyrics multiplied by the wholesome instrumental of You, result in number 9 on this fall’s top 10 best Country songs.

Bear2 concocted a marvelous hybrid Country piece that quickly eclipsed hundreds of other songs on our hands that were more aligned with the parameters of the genre but when something’s good, it jumps out. The raspy vocals of the male paired with the female’s darkly tinted rendition, result in a phenomenal collaboration.

8. Can’t Say No Eyes by Copperhead Jones

One look turned into two/ And seven numbers later/ I’m, “Callin’ Baton Rouge”/ Believing she’s been/ Thinking about me too/ Chasing late nights/ With a little hold her tight/ Believing she’s been/ Thinking about it too/ No matter how hard I try/ All I can see are the possibilities, sets the tone Copperhead Jones with a vividness typical of a novelist rather than a Country songwriter.

Can’t Say No Eyes is beautiful for it comprises the core elements that one mentally and acoustically associates with the genre that began in the Appalachian Mountains and then spread like wildfire across the globe. Check for twangy vocals, confessional lyrics, and superbly executed string instruments.

7. Even in a bar by Steve Pointmeier

Revisiting 3rd person storytelling, Steve Pointmeier speaks highly of a beautiful femme able to control her emotions and get even in a bar. The vocal twang reverberating with sonic purpose adds a real-life party touch to the song, while the music is technically loyal to the staple production style of Country records.

Even in a bar explores a different perspective, that of a woman dealing with emotions and betrayal the way a man would and we’re here for it!

6. Memories of You by Rich Wyman and Lisa Needham

We sat on the edge/ Of all that there was/ The things that we said/ We said them because/ And we can’t take it back/ Even if we could try/ Ain’t it funny how we always try/ It keeps staring us straight in the eye/ Memories of you/ Won’t fade away/ Memories of you/ Just like yesterday, sings the exuberant duo comprised of Rich Wyman and Lisa Needham.

Memories of You is a great Country triumph for the artists who significantly widen the limitations of the genre towards a Pop-Rock affinity. The acoustic setting is rooted in harmonious guitar strums, flawless unisons between the two lead singers, and some soft, barely-there supporting vocals that act as ambient enhancers. A truly commercial Country gem.

5. I’m No Hero by Saddlemen

I been waking up in my sleep/ ‘Cause I know soon you’ll think of marrying me/ And I’m not the man I think you want me to be/ I’m no hero/ You think there’s nothing wrong with me/ That I’m like a captain on a calm sea/ But baby there’s an ocean that you can’t see/ I’ll say goodnight and go, goes the dangerously addictive chorus of I’m No Hero by Saddlemen.

Here’s what took us by surprise: the persuasive vintage execution of the vocal arrangement and instrumental. The song stays faithful to old patterns of Country Rock curiously unlike anything else we’ve heard recently. One requires a magic touch to pull off a song that vividly brings about Elvis Presley vibes. The natural use of the retro-filtered vocals, the antiquated stylized lyrics making use of topics like captain and sea, and the brooding acoustic guitar, solidify the positive impression of the listener from the first listen.

4. Mountain Steep by Benn Park

Let the truth be spoken/ Life ain’t always peachy keen/ Some days, I just wanna leave/ Behind what I don’t wanna see/ No matter how broken/ But life ain’t always mountain steep/ Control what you can and let the rest be/ Depends on how I do perceive/ The quick and slow motions, teaches without preaching Benn Park.

The jovial disposition palpable via both the singer’s lively voice and the burning hot guitar is contagious and welcome in a world where we seek to associate the adjective with positive connotations again. Mountain Steep makes great use of moral virtues anchored in existential revelations welded with a large-sounding instrumental able to raise in one’s mind the desire to sing along and raise the roof.

3. B4U by Jake Hoot

Before you/ I was sure that I was living/ Didn’t know what I was missing/ Till I got to be your man/ I thought I knew what good love looked like/ So sure I was doing it right/ But I had it all wrong/ I thought I knew how forever feels/ But I was just spinning my wheels/ There’s a thousand things I swore I thought I knew/ Before you, follows the most romantic Country hook on this list.

Jake Hoot’s B4U, supplies the sugar cravings of the eternal romantic listener who dreams of a love so perfect to make even the gods jealous. The Country singer combines traditional instrumentation with an unusual degree of emotional openness and admission of love. Perfect for newlyweds and actually, scratch that. Perfect for the ceremony itself!

2. Echoes of the Outlaws by Kurt Van Meter

The song that really is just as worthy of the top spot as number one is, but since the math has to math, we have to place it second.

I’ve never wanted nothin’ more/ I remember when I was young/ In my dad’s old pickup truck/ Headed down to Malin/ Johnny Cash came on/ I asked my daddy who was that/ He said Son, that’s the Man In Black/ I knew from that day on/ I was born to sing their songs/ Echoes of the outlaws, shows of his artistic piece Kurt Van Meter.

Echoes of the Outlaws pays tribute to Country legends in a manner and fashion worthy of being placed in that same lane itself; a combination of intense emotions and a certain equilibrium between the old and the new. The instrumentation is brilliant and reinforces the genre’s heroic confidence. A song adapt for dancing, vibing, and even chilling (did you hear out the multitude of acoustic elements?)

1. Whiskey In Me by Brandon Whitley

Girl, it feels like it’s high time/ We stop meeting on the hood of this car/ And saying things we save for the dark/ Don’t you know there’s a fine line/ Between soaking in the star light/ And wishing God would make them align? sings the artist with bewildering novelty. The novelty consists in the music coming off as Pop and Country at the same time. Between Call Me Maybe‘s intro and Whiskey In Me there’s little, if any, acoustic difference. Sure Carly Rae’s bit is a tad faster but in essence, the two guitars go at it in the same expressive manner of anticipation.

And lo and behold, even the hook leans heavily into Rock music rather than clean Country. This effortless sway between Pop, Country, and Rock is what placed Brandon Whitley atop the list. Whiskey In Me does not TRY to be modern. It simply is. And it magnificently delivers a stellar production combined with a romantic narrative designed to remind the listener of the matters of the heart.

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