No More Love by Joshua Flores; When Dancehall Meets Pop With A Twist Of Electro

With this song I wanted to focus on the Dance side of my music. I wanted it to be something that can be played in a club. Its narrative is centered around that one toxic person coming back into your life after so many chances and you’ve finally reached that breaking point when you have to cut them off and move on. The intensity of the record is kind of like the feeling of you telling them clearly it’s over,” shares Joshua Flores from Dallas, Texas exclusively for Blue Rhymez Entertainment.

A song musically imbued with flirtatious modulations yet anchored in surprisingly psychological thought lines, No More Love presents itself as a fine exponent of pleasantly contradicting components weaving together a conclusive Electro-Dancehall-Pop song. Sounds like three unlikely genres? To us too at first but Joshua Flores is a magician bending instruments to his liking birthing unheard-of combinations that slap.

From the opening moments, the synth reminiscent of a low-pitch steel drum brings about summer vibes, Dancehall moves, and passionate situationships.

Hey, how you been?/ I never thought that I would hear your voice again/ You love to – me up/ Wanting to come back into my life to make up, concludes the first verse on a smooth run Joshua Flores. The singer displays yet again the acute ability to frame ponderous emotions in lightly-delivered vocals. He’s probably one of the few geniuses out there who could sing of Armageddon on a Dance beat and you wouldn’t mind grooving to it.

But I don’t wanna deal with you anymore/ You made your choice girl way before/ I don’t care if you say you changed your ways/ What you did can’t be erased/ Too many times you have tried to apologize/ But it’s all in vain ’cause after all the heartache and pain… Amps up the flow and delivery Joshua Flores for the pre-hook section of No More Love. The speed is just about the only indicator of a more serious matter at hand for the totality of sonic ingredients rests beautifully in harmony wrapping up the listener’s senses into the very danceable track. Despite us being almost in December, the song unmistakably evokes summer nights and cocktail evenings. That’s that Dancehall drum leading suavely without overshadowing any other element.

I’ve got no more love for you/ I’ve done all I can do, can do/ I’ve got no more love for you/ I’m not trying to be cruel/ But I’ve got no more love, proceeds the uber sticky hook true to Joshua Flores’s reputation. We have never encountered a record by the artist that didn’t glue itself to your brain from the first listen. The layered vocals are a definitive factor in separating the verses from the hook. The repeated love, love, love makes it impossible for the public not to memorize the lyrics to the chorus. Smart move Joshua Flores!

I don’t wanna talk about it/ It’s been months, I’ve moved on girl I’ll admit/ I think it’s time you do the same/ Why do you try to hold onto what we had in the past?/ Stop calling my phone you had your chance/ It’s too late to make amends, comes in the second verse. At this point, while we’ve thoroughly understood the dynamic of the said situationship, we were not expecting Joshua Flores to go off! The spin on being the hurt one but ultimately – the one who stands up and leaves, is beautiful. A very fitting portrayal of I love you but I love my sanity more.

No More Love beautifully ends on a sonorous outro comprised of a repeated hook, melodic bridge, extra gorgeous runs from the lead voice, and an unexpected, robotized I got no more love line.

The Pop release bordering the Dancehall and Electro genres injects newfound sonic ambition into Joshua Flores’s solid and ever-growing music catalog. No More Love is a sort of magical creation for it grants a jovial yet flirtatious disposition, an Electro yet Dancehall-infused beat, and a heartbroken character yet self-loving perspective.

Song Credits: Joshua Nicholas Flores – Artist, Songwriter, Producer, Sound Engineer.

Make sure you support Joshua Flores by streaming No More Love on YouTube Music HERE, on Deezer HERE, on Amazon Music HERE, on Tidal HERE, on Apple Music HERE, and on Spotify below:

Written by Mariana Berdianu
Blue Rhymez Entertainment 

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