22 Hit Songs That Turned 22 Years Old In 2022 (part 2/2)

Did you feel old enough yet in part 1? No? Alright, this one should do it 😀 Don’t hate the messenger, cool? The following 11 songs complete the list of 22 songs that turned 22 in 2022. So many twos, so many memories, so many good tunes, and so many years since! Enjoy, share, and feel free to reminisce with us the good time in the comment section! Happy Holidays from the team at B.R.E. ⭐

11. The Bad Touch by Bloodhound Gang

Released in late 1999 and later one of the core memes of the internet, The Bad Touch is a masterpiece on its own level. While known as a song by the Alternative Rock band, Bloodhound Gang, the track became a massive hit in the 2000s in Europe. It peaked at number one in countries like Italy, Norway, Scotland, Sweden, Ireland, and Germany. In Australia, it peaked at number five while it only reached position 52 in the US. Seriously America, what’s up with you passing on some major hits during those times?

Way before it became the viral meme starter it’s known as today by Gen-Zers, The Bad Touch got remixed by a plethora of famous musicians, such as Eiffel 65, God Lives Underwater, KMFDM, and even got a shout out by Eminem on The Real Slim Shady.

Fun fact: the music video was shot in Paris including a myriad of popular locations such as Place de l’Estrapade, Avenue de Saxe, Champ de Mars, and the Eiffel Tower.

10. It’s My Life by Bon Jovi

Released in May 2000, It’s My Life is the global feel-good anthem for damn near every age and any sex existing under the sun. Bon Jovi truly did cement his legacy in the memories of his fans (and not only) via this classic, timeless record. The song was an instant smash hit and the songwriter knew it. In 2007 Jon Bon Jovi shared, “Nobody had anticipated the song. Except us. We knew we had a hit. […] I knew I was writing self-indulgently about by own life […] I didn’t realize it would be taken as being about everyone.

It’s My Life peaked at number one all over the world including in countries like Romania, Spain, Italy, and the Netherlands. It peaked at number 33 on the US Billboard Hot 100 (America… you need a reassessment of your music taste!!!). The song has become the most famous piece released by the artist after his major success in the ’80s.

9. Try Again by Aaliyah

Aaliyah truly was one special artist. Regardless of the years passed, the princess of R&B is always remembered with love and warmth by even the younger fans who only got to know the artist through YouTube videos and Spotify songs.

Try Again was written specifically to be part of the soundtrack for the movie Romeo Must Die. With someone like the one and only, mister Timbaland behind it, the hit is a unique blend of R&B, Electro, Dance-Pop, and was even quoted in the press as part of the Detroit Techno scene.

Try Again was the first song EVER to reach number one on Billboard Hot 100 based on airplay alone. Its music video won 2 MTV Music Video Awards in 2000 and was nominated for Best Female R&B Vocal Performance at the 2001 Grammies.

8. Oops!… I Did It Again

Released in April 2000 and written and produced by Max Martin (duh!) and Rami Yacoub, Oops!… I Did It Again spawned a freaking cult-like following for Britney Spears that is well and alive even in 2022. From the iced makeup, straight blonde hair, and facial expressions you’ll see in stars like Ariana Grande, the hit record and music video are truly, phenomenally unforgettable.

For some reason, it only peaked at number 9 in the US on the Billboard Hot 100 but landed the top spot in many countries across the globe: Australia, Belgium, Denmark, Hungary, Italy, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, etc.

7. The Real Slim Shady by Eminem

Ah, Eminem… The one white guy who showed America that the color of skin does not predetermine the level of your skill. Thank you Eminem for that.

The Real Slim Shady was Eminem’s biggest hit up to that point in time and it also became his first song to get the top spot in the UK. Actually, the song was so big with the British fans that it became the 14th best-sold single of the entire year of 2000. The

The awards, obviously, matched the rapper’s energy garnering him 2 MTV awards and a whole Grammy for Best Rap Solo Performance. Years later, the song is still part of the Pop culture having been adapted to the soundtrack of 21 Jump Street.

6. Desert Rose by Sting

Sting and Cheb Mami came up with Desert Rose and my oh my, the feels you get if you were born and raised in Europe in the 2000s. This song was EVERYWHERE and EVERYBODY loved it. It was a most unusual song written by a very European singer, or shall we say British since (ahem, cough cough) Brexit. Per some media reports, Sting actually had an issue with the song being called of a Worldwide genre.

Desert Rose rose (hehehe) to the top 10 in Austria, Belgium, Canada, Czech Republic, France, Germany, Hungary, Switzerland and reached the very top spot in Greece, Portugal, and on the US Billboard Adult Alternative Songs chart.

5. Bye Bye Bye by ‘NSYNC

Sheesh! To see Justin Timberlake as young as he was in this music video makes you realize just how much time is 22 years. Bye Bye Bye was released by NSYNC in January 2000. Jake Schulze and Kristian Lundin are the writers and producers of the global hit song. It is rumored that the lyrics, besides obviously having romantic implications, also touched indirectly on ending the band’s relationship with Lou Pearlman.

A certified commercial success, Bye Bye Bye peaked on the US Billboard Hot 100 at the 4th position and it landed in the first top 10 spots in all other countries. Not to mention the Grammy Award nomination received in 2001 for Record of the Year.

4. Big Pimpin’ by JAY-Z

Released in April 2000, Big Pimpin’ is as famous for the original sound as for the multiple lawsuits it was involved in. The instrumental used a sample by Hossam Ramzy performing Khosara Khosara. The music was originally composed in 1957 by Baligh Hamdi. Baligh’s relative filed a lawsuit in 2007 in LA claiming Timbaland (yes Timbaland produced Big Pimpin‘) didn’t ask for permission to use the sample. Jay Z was also dragged in the middle of it all with claims that the should have asked for permission from all of the four children of Hamdi.

Big Pimpin’ was certified Platinum in the US and peaked at number one on the Rhythmic Top 40 chart. Since, the Rap artist seems to regret the lyrics saying that he can’t believe he wrote that. Yeah Jay. You did.

3. I Need to Know by Marc Anthony

I Need to Know was the lead single of Marc Anthony’s 4th studio album named after the artist. It was written and co-produced by the singer and Cory Rooney. The song set itself apart from the competition through its original musical blend of R&B music with Latin instrumentation riding high the wave of Latin artists in the early 2000s. I Need to Know got nominated at the Grammy Awards for Best Male Pop Vocal Performance in the year 2000. The Spanish-language version actually DID get a Latin Grammy for Song Of The Year.

2. Maria Maria by Santana

Were we the only ones who thought that Santana was JUST Carlos Santana accompanied by random, hired instrumentalists? Turns out that Santana IS a band on its own but the father of it IS indeed, Carlos Santana. You might need to read that twice just in case.

Maria Maria was produced by Jerry Duplessis and Wyclef Jean and released in 2000. The song won Best Pop Performance by a Duo or Group with Vocals (that’s one dumb title btw) at the 2000s’ Grammy Awards. The single also peaked at the top spot in Canada, France, Germany, Hungary, Sweden, Switzerland, and the US (finally America appreciating a good song!). As a matter of fact in the US, it stayed at the top of the Billboard Hot 100 for 10 weeks.

1. The Next Episode by Dr. Dre

Thank God for Superbowl and TikTok as the entire world has been showing off their footwork in 2022 to The Next Episode in one viral trend after another.

What is most shocking about this hit song, is the fact that it was not certified at all in the US which is very hard for us to believe. The Next Episode was instead certified Platinum in Denmark, the United Kingdom, and Gold in Germany and Italy.

The song was a much cooler sequel to Dr. Dre and Snoop Dogg’s famous Nuthin’ but a G Thang. The predominant sample merges The Edge by David McCallum and producer David Axelrod, originally released on McCallum’s 1967 album Music: A Bit More Of Me.

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