20/30 Things You Should Applaud Yourself For At The End Of 2022

In part 1 we highlighted 10 things you absolutely deserve applauses for as an indie artist. Today we’re continuing the list with 10 more incredible things you should probably frame and give yourself a pat on the back for. We know the music business is just about the most difficult industry to break into so we want to make sure you know how correct you are (or NOT) in the choices you’ve made throughout 2022. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

10. If you’ve read a book on music marketing or subscribed to a paid newsletter.

Because proper marketing is why the likes of Doja Cat are famous and you’re unknown. For now! There are heaps of truly phenomenal books on the market but you must do your research first. Unknown authors who didn’t even work in the music business prior to writing their book are plenty. Producers who think their advice is useful to new artists while they, themselves got signed before they even got started in this business – unfortunately many. Read books on music marketing written by people who’ve been in the business for longer than a decade and SURVIVED the ever-changing nature of the music industry. Taking advice from someone who was relevant in the 2000s while you’re trying to make it in the 2020s is the shortcut for wasted efforts.

And why did we mention paid newsletter specifically? Because free stuff is rarely worth it. Even our articles will be available by payment ONLY in the future. Now we’re gathering our readers so we are giving the juice for free. But that’s just about the only time when you can find exceptionally useful information.

9. If you’ve created a strong bond with your fans.

Did you ever sit to think how your fans are people just like you with wants and needs and pains and memories? Yes? And you reached out to them and took a genuine interest in who they are as individuals? Yes??? A-f*cking-mazing! You sir, ma’am, just might be a unicorn. We are so proud you grasp the importance of treating each fan with exceptional attention and care for they will either propel or dispel your music career.

8. If you’ve created additional supporting social media content.

We know you know how to write music and publish it. Possibly you also know how to produce music videos on your own and do basic marketing. But in this day and age, an artist needs to go beyond the old-school strategy and create short content like reels on Instagram, shorts on YouTube, and verticals for TikTok. If you’ve dipped your toes in this and given it a shot in 2022, congrats! You’re up to date and not stuck in vintage thinking.

7. If you’ve updated your website and social media profiles.

You know what’s really offputting for a media source? Taking an interest in your music, researching you, and bumping into your website and socials that haven’t been updated in years! And shockingly, many many artists engage in NOT updating their socials and websites with the latest project. We know it’s time-consuming, especially if you’re a consistent artist who releases music regularly. We know sometimes the host service gets bugged and hard to deal with BUT your website and your social media branding are your FACE. So if you took care of your face throughout the year, you are grounded and realistic about the expectations laying ahead of you!

6. If you’ve followed through with the resolutions you set for yourself in 2021.

Because if you respected your own wishes from last year, then it’s a safe bet you will do it again this year. You deserve some of the warmest applauses if you had a list of goals for 2022 and managed to cross most of them. Nothing spells success more than a person who sets his mind on something, then follows up with real action. Whether those goals were financial, physical, emotional, or even recreational, kudos for being strategic about the time you live on Earth. Few know the importance of planning one’s years, months, and weeks ahead.

5. If you’ve studied other success stories.

Because your mind will replicate whatever it is you feed it. Waste your time watching TV shows and playing video games, well, there’s not much useful stuff you’ll come up with to further your career. Study instead success stories of other musicians across the world and you just might figure out what to do to get ahead in this highly mystical business. If you wrap up 2022 knowing more biographies of successful musicians than in 2021, you are a monster!

4. If you’ve chosen to hear out Billboard Hot 100.

Because knowing what the radio stations are spinning across the world is a direct indication of where the next songs are headed. We are not saying to flip your catalog to match the trends BUT we are saying that to stay relevant, you can’t be ignorant. Dance music and House are having a strong comeback for example. So if you were intelligent enough to carve time out in your busy life to discover what’s going on at a global level in regards to most consumed music tracks, you are a businessman who does his homework.

3. If you’ve abstained from commenting on political and social issues.

Be it Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram, if you managed to shush throughout 2022, you are a better person than most. It is so f*cking easy to slip into social warrior mode and type out entire essays detailing your train of thought and logical decision YET it is highly advised you sh*t the f*ck up to protect your brand and business interests unless it’s a noble cause worthy of supporting in public such as helping animals, starving people, and war refugees. If you were so self-controlled that not one status can be found on your socials speaking of controversial views, you were born for diplomacy and will reap high rewards for abstaining.

2. If you’ve enlarged your vocabulary.

Because more words equal higher-quality expression be it in press pitches or song lyrics. If you’ve put in conscious effort to study new words and new idioms, you are one kickass artist and not only! You mean business and it will show in 2023 when your status updates make people wonder Who are you?? And look at you and your music in an entirely new light. Bravo!!!

1. If you’ve read our blog consistently.

Because duh! No other source will name things what they are the way we do! Not to mention that a surprisingly high number of music blogs are on record label payrolls pretending all is fair only to push the signed artists when they drop new music. Sure, we know to appreciate good songs be it from labels or indie sources but if you’ve noticed just how different our articles are from everyone else’s, consider we sent you a bouquet of flowers!

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