7 Ways To Connect With Your Fans For The Holidays

An indie artist might find themselves in the position of “what else can I do other than liking comments and replying back?” after the initial phases of building digital traction. The answer is: very many things! But in case you lack inspiration and knowledge on strengthening the bond between you and your fans, today’s article will be of tremendous help!

7. Shoot a timelapse gratitude video.

Using your own music as the soundtrack of course! Shoot a timelapse video of you writing down the names of your most supportive fans and followers and upload it on your social media platform of choice. Make sure you send it directly to the people mentioned in it and attach a nice thank-you note with it. The effort will be appreciated.

6. 7 days of giveaways!

We highly advise you to invest in some valuable items and give one away each day for a week. You can engage your fans in a contest or you can simply reward the ones who’ve shown the most love throughout the year. They will remember the gesture their entire life and tell everyone about it too!

5. Freestyle/Cover including your fans in the modified lyrics.

How would you feel if someone wrote a song about you? You would be flooded with giddy feelings and idiotic smiles. As you should if you’re a mentally sane person! Anybody would feel extremely flattered by the attention. Your fans aren’t any different. Rewrite the lyrics to a cover or freestyle and put it up on your socials. Video recording the ordeal is best as the eyes ingrain in the mind what the ears may forget.

4. Showing love back on THEIR profiles!

Because you just might make someone’s year by showing up on their profile. Nothing says more “I respect you and appreciate you” than taking the time to actually discover that person and their interests. For once, make it about them and not about you! Forget the music, forget the pitching, forget that they’re a fan and put yourself in THEIR shoes instead and show them public love in the comment section.

3. A live stream reading off a list of top supporters.

What’s it gonna cost you to compile a list of the names of the people who constantly support you and show you love on social media? 30 minutes of your time. So then do it and announce ahead of time you have a surprise for your fans during your next live stream then proceed to read out clearly their names off the list. The overwhelming gratitude will spill out and bounce back in ways you can’t imagine. Make people feel valued and they will follow you into battle.

2. Final credits in a holiday music video.

Basically, do what YouTubers do with their Patreon supporters. Tell your video editor to add an extra screen for the credits section titled Special thanks to and follow up with the list from number 3. We can guarantee you a nice increase in views for that video without additional budgeting.

1. Send customized letters.

Gift a part of your soul to the people who believed in you before anyone else. Those people took a risk in supporting you as claiming your admiration for someone no one knows about can be terrifying and even come off as gullible and stupid which is why by the way, most people don’t become fans until it is SAFE to be your fan. If you were fortunate enough and impressive enough to have those first couple dozen of hardcore supporters, make sure you let them know their appreciation made the whole difference in getting your career off the ground. They deserve your recognition more than anyone.

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