21 Questions with Hunter Root, The Newest Viral TikTok Musician

1. 3 changes in your life since our last interview

Went viral, started meditating, in significantly less physical pain.”

2. The shampoo you use for washing your hair? 

Kirkland Signature.”

3. Hardest thing about producing your own music? 

Simultaneously playing the engineer and artist role while recording a track.”

4. Weirdest compliment you’ve ever received as a musician? 

Not exactly a compliment but someone gifted me a bat head after a show.”

5. Go-to inspiration source? 


6. Fountain pen or permanent marker? 

What’s a fountain pen? Permanent marker!

7. The one book you can’t forget? 

Seventh Son by Orson Scott Card.”

8. Your own favorite song? 

Town Rat Heathen.”

9. Favorite song of another artist? 

Sympathy For The Devil by The Rolling Stones.”

10. Secret talent? 

“Texas Hold’em.”

11. Best food item to describe your music? 

Spicy breakfast taters.”

12. TikTok or Instagram


13. Hardest lesson you’ve ever learned in your music career? 

Very rarely do people in power want to help you without exploiting you.”

courtesy of Hunter Root

14. Easiest routine to abide by to keep your talent polished? 

Keep your instrument out of its case and in sight and play it everyday.”

15. Award shows that you actually watch from start to end? 

Not a single one.”

16. Funniest movie that gets you laughing every time you watch it? 

South Park; Bigger, longer, and uncut.”

17. Alone in a dark room or squeezed in a bright elevator with forty other strangers? 

Alone in a dark room.”

18. The compensation you’d require to serenade someone in private? 


19. Current favorite thing to do in your day-to-day life? 


20. The goal behind the clothing style you sport? 

No goal, just expression.”

21. One quote for the 18-year-old Hunter Root? 

Learn to say no.” 

Blue Rhymez Entertainment ©2023

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