10 Empowering Benefits Of Being An Independent Musician Vs. Being Signed

As a music blog, we receive many requested and unrequested song submissions, and we expected it. It’s part of the business. However, there is one instance that leaves us scratching our heads here at BRE. And that is, when an independent artist is trying to convince us to cover them because it would benefit them to present their pitch to the record labels. So it would appear, some musicians haven’t gotten the 2023 memo, that being independent is the BEST way for one to make something of their talent in this current age. We’ve found it necessary to compile 10 empowering reasons to show you WHY you should stick to being independent forever, and not just at the beginning.

10. You Have Total Creative Control.

Independent musicians have the freedom to create music that is true to their artistic vision, without having to compromise their creative integrity to fit into a commercial mold. This can lead to a more authentic and unique sound that sets them apart from mainstream artists. Indie artists have the freedom to experiment with different sounds and genres without having to answer to a record label’s expectations or preferences. This allows for a more authentic and personal expression of their artistry.

9. You Can Actually Become Rich If You Play Your Cards Right.

Independent musicians have the potential to earn more money compared to those who are signed to a label. They keep a larger percentage of their earnings from album sales, merchandise, and live performances. They also have the ability to negotiate their own contracts and fees, which can translate to more financial autonomy and stability. The caveat is often that indie musicians, lack the inital resources to invest in their business. However, in this day and age, one should take responsibility for that aspect as well.

8. You Create Lifelong Human Connections.

Independent artists have the opportunity to connect with their fans on a much more personal level. They can communicate with their fans directly through social media, email, or at live shows. This creates a stronger and more loyal fan base, which is essential for long-term success in the music industry. So stop focusing on the eyeballs and start nurturing instead the few people that do care.

7. You Make Your Schedule, Both Personal And Professional.

Independent musicians have the flexibility to control their own schedule and creative process. They can release music at their own pace and on their own terms, without having to adhere to a label’s release schedule. They can also choose where and when they want to tour, which can be beneficial for those who want to maintain a work-life balance and maybe even have a family one day.

6. You Own Your Music.

Unsigned artists own the rights to their music, which means they have the ability to license their music for film, television, and other opportunities. This can lead to more exposure and financial opportunities for the artist. In contrast, musicians who are signed to a label may not have the same level of ownership over their music and may have limited control over how it is used or distributed.

5. You Can Reach More People Faster.

With the rise of digital platforms, independent musicians have more opportunities to reach a global audience without the backing of a major label. Labels, on the other hand, have rigid marketing plans that the artists must abide by. So let’s say, if you’re an indie musician and you get an offer to perform in France for a nice sum of money two days from now, you can accept the contract and go earn your dollars. Label artists must and DO reject many side projects, thus limiting their visibility since they must stick to the label’s strategies and plans.

4. You Choose Who You Work With.

Independent musicians have the freedom to collaborate with other artists from different genres or backgrounds without having to seek approval from a label. This can lead to more diverse and interesting collaborations that push the boundaries of traditional music genres, and equally more money and performing opportunities. Remember that label artists are often forced to work with artists from the same label in order to maximize the profit for the… you guessed it! Label!

3. You Choose Your Brand’s Trajectory.

Compared to signed artists, independent musicians have complete control over their image and branding, which can help them build a stronger and more recognizable brand. They can choose their own visual identity, create their own merchandise, and design their own album artwork, which can all contribute to a more cohesive and authentic brand. Label artists don’t oversee any of that and will have to… do as told!

2. You Have An Accurate Oversight Of Your Finances.

Independent musicians have greater transparency in their business dealings and finances. They have access to all of the financial data related to their music sales and live performances, which can help them make informed decisions about their career and finances. This level of transparency drastically diminishes the probability of being robbed by a label since you don’t have one!

1. You Get To Keep Your Sleep and Sanity.

Most important of all, since the indie artist is the ultimate decision-maker as their own boss, they feel much less stressed, more in control, and more confident about making future plans since they don’t depend on too many other people to make moves. Now imagine you are a signed artist, and you get a call in the middle of the night that tomorrow morning, you are expected to go perform as a special guest on X TV show or podcast. Forget your day off or period week (yes, grow up and learn a female’s anatomy and biology!), if the boss calls, you goes.

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