Oscar Biggs Interview, The Savage King Of Underground Rap

Oscar Biggs from Longueuil, Quebec, Canada, is one of those rappers who only need to be introduced once, for as soon as he starts spitting bars, you won’t be able to forget him even if you tried. Suitably, our excitement for today’s interview with this unnaturally talented rap artist is appropriate. He has this effortlessness about him of turning an average beat into a monster of a statement. It won’t take you long to realize that the prosperity of his records heavily depends on his lyrical and energetical presence. Without any further ado, meet the one, the only, the yours truly, Oscar Biggs.

First, play the video because IT IS a video despite the static thumbnail. We promise you, you will rejoice. Oscar flaunts that bonafide star quality that sincerely doesn’t care about what you or I think. He is here to set sh*t on fire. “You can’t blind a 1000 watts light bulb using a candle” goes one of our favorite lines of Raw Lyricism that seriously portrays his identity in one phrase. If anyone wants to compare modern trappers with Oscar Biggs, we’ll be more than happy to bet our money on him. Don’t ever compare diamonds with zirconium.

Given his abundance of daunting bars and phenomenally constructed flows, what made Oscar Biggs invest specifically in a video for Raw Lyricism? “The message represents me best. This is who I am”, shares Oscar in an instant. Oh wow, forget about marketing and branding moves. Oscar believes so hard in himself that he just went for the message and emotional value. Spectacular! And if you were curious about those ladies, good news! we were too! 😀 “The ladies are professional models. I knew one of them in person and she connected me to the other women.” And here we were hoping for some saucy scoop. Oscar Biggs is about business only. Respect.

Did you peep those tattoos though? Holy wow! We would have never known it took Oscar an entire presidential mandate to complete the ink: “Several of them are dedicated to my love of Hip Hop. The rest are Bio-Organic imagery that symbolizes my inner pain. It took me four years from the first to the last tat I got, which is the back of my head. I’m taking a break at the moment but there’s no telling if I won’t get any more in the future.”

Oscar Biggs, courtesy of the artist

“You have, by far, the most convincing rap artist image we’ve encountered this year. Instead of running away from the stereotype, you absolutely embraced it. Lots of gold, a bunch of tattoos, the earring, the snapback, and you look phenomenally comfortable and proud. Did it take you a long time to decide on this brand image or you knew from day one how you wanted to look like?” we curiously ask as Oscar Biggs is unapologetically himself on all levels possible, from the looks to the message, the savage topics (read our review of his Rough Sex song HERE), and the boom-bap driven sound. “As far as I can remember, I’ve always been Hip-Hop to the fullest. Only in the last few years was I able to afford the jewels and the tats. I’m 90’s Boom-Bap to the core, It’s just part of who I am.” – admits the rap artist. We appreciate the honesty regarding his brand image. The fact that an artist of his caliber dares to openly admit that he wasn’t always able to financially represent who he really is, it’s a big motivator and encouragement for the younger generation.

“What about your own favorite 4-bars from Raw Lyricism?”, follows our question. To which Oscar quotes these lyrics: “Yo listen I’m dissin’ and pissin’ on your criticism/ My devotion is hittin’ the rhythm with some lyricism/ Stayin’ chill and focusin’ on music is my decision/ I’m on a mission and I can’t envision me stuck in prison” – fair enough. A general message but a whole lot of attitude and badassness.

Oscar Biggs holding a collection vinyl available on his website HERE, courtesy of the artist

“You do a lot of freestyles on your YouTube and social media channels. What’s the purpose?” we inquire of the artist. Mind you, he posts these rather religiously. The latest video on his Facebook profile features him freestyling while eating his sandwich. This guy is something else! “I just enjoy rappin’” – holy sh*t 😀 he couldn’t have been more perfect. If someone else would have elaborated on a fancy answer, Oscar Biggs is full-on rap mode day in day out. He never turns off his artistry.

If you were wondering when did this star-in-becoming realize his potential, we got just the answer for you: “I started writing bars when I was 12 years old. I’ve always been at ease with pronunciations and delivery. The deciding event was when I met Steve Caissy. Basically, he emptied out 5 gallons of gasoline on a flame that was already there. We recorded my demo with the equipment that we purchased together and the rest is history.” Heck, if someone else is ready to pool money with you to get equipment, that alone is a huge indicator of your talent’s influence on those around you. And Oscar got more than enough of that. :star:

Oscar Biggs’s aggressiveness may come off as unnerving sometimes. He’s not just putting on an act. You can feel every single word transpire his being and directly hitting you with a landing punch that shakes your core. So where all this anger from? What happened that molded the artist into the rap savage he is today? And how does he keep it JUST for artistic use? “I’ll be blunt. This anger comes from my father being indifferent and not caring about me. The death of my maternal grandfather, whose name I embedded in my own moniker, Oscar, when I was only eleven years old, is another major factor. As for the other question, anger did push me to act on it in real life and I eventually came to realize, at a certain point, that I was heading towards a dead end so I shifted my focus and started channeling it in music only” 😮 any further commentary on this would be pointless.

Oscar Biggs and his “lyrical tag team partner” as Oscar calls him, Crazy Ace, courtesy of the artist

When asked what’s next for the fans, Oscar Biggs proudly shares that he’s about to kick off 2021 with a music video for F*ck You Pay Me (you can enjoy the overly entertaining record and its lyrics HERE) and adds: “I’m also working on my 2nd album which will have features from Crazy Ace, King Mizery, amongst others. My album will also have productions from the likes of Chris Groove, Jamie G, Joseph Hozay Murphy. It will be mixed and mastered by SkyBeatz Productions as usual.”

“Is there a rap album by another artist that you memorized inside out?” goes one of our last curiosities. To which Oscar proceeds to casually answer: “‘Funky Technician’ by Lord Finesse and ‘Lifestylez Ov Da Poor & Dangerous’ by Big L.” Well here’s the thing. These are not your average mainstream bodies of work by any means. The first album contains 13 songs while the second by Big L. comprises 12 complex, classic, gigantic hip hop records. We got a saying here at Blue Rhymez that states “tell me who you listen to and I’ll tell you who you are”. So far, Oscar Biggs is an artist of the highest caliber with genuine, palpable respect for those who’ve paved the road before him.

Oscar Biggs and his team, courtesy of the artist

We’ll end this beautiful, captivating interview with special thanks from Oscar himself: “I would like to give a special thanks to my stubborn right arm Steve Caissy, Crazy Ace, King Mizery, SkyBeatz, AG, all my fans, and a huge thanks to my mother who always believed in me. Thank you everybody!”

And we’d like to thank Oscar for having allowed us to pull the curtains for both us and his fans to get to truly know him and his unique story.

To talk to Oscar directly, make sure you hit him up on Facebook HERE, on Instagram HERE. And add his bigger-than-life records on Amazon HERE, on Deezer HERE, on Apple Music HERE, and on Spotify below:

Interview conducted by Mariana Berdianu
Blue Rhymez Entertainment ©2020

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