Bacon, Cat Food & Cheese By Cousin Earth, Your Funk Cure For Boredom

Bored with normality? We have found an artsy, completely-out-of-the-ordinary, incredibly long, equally catchy, funk-based song. You haven’t seen it all until you see and hear THIS. All the way from Brooklyn, New York, Cousin Earth created a song that will have your jaw drop as you’re hypnotized into the entertaining randomness of the lyrics and accordingly, the music video. Bacon, Cat Food & Cheese is the very personification of authenticity, creativity, and a dash of crazy thrown in the mix.

The lyrical concept started as an inside joke, that became a meme, that became a ridiculous song about the internal strife of eating a sandwich that could definitely be better.” – shares the band and mind you, it’s information that will definitely help you digest easier the entire audio-visual experience. LOL at “digest”, now every verb that has food implications will sound funny throughout the article 😀 Thanks Cousin Earth!

The song starts off with the infectious hook, that will, however, change every damn time it comes back! So don’t rely on memorizing it just once ’cause it ain’t a choo choo train, it’s a damn 6 Flags rollercoaster!!! “Bacon Cat Food, Cat Food and Cheese/ You’re gonna have to take a bite/ Although it isn’t right/ Where’s my keys?” And here we must credit the incredible feat 4 members of the 5 managed to pull off (the 5th being Nate Searing on the drums): sounding outstandingly cohesively and melodic while singing together. Think of it like this: Destiny’s Child had gone through 7 trial vocalists until they found ONE they could successfully harmonize with. And they were THREE GIRLS! While Cousin Earth is strongly pulling 4 vocal forces from 4 different people: Joey Calfa– guitar and vocals; Terrence Brennan– keys, percussion, and lead vocals; Melissa Raye– lead vocals; Corey J. Feldman– bass and vocals. If that’s not outright exceptional, I don’t know what else is.

With all the hilarity going on in the visual and the hooks, the verses actually pack a whole lotta meaning and depth: “Never gonna see/ Anything/ Until the pieces fall/ Into a giant hall/ Adorned with all the relics of a time gone by/ In the trophy case” – wow. If one hadn’t heard the bass, guitars, and optimistic voice tonalities, you’d think it’s an excerpt from a poetry book. Gorgeous. And the 2nd verse hits even harder, as a matter of fact, it hits you straight in the feels: “While every single deed/ Goes unnoticed/ Though we may/ Regret all the time that we spent here/ Break it to me gently, sugar coat a story even if it’s/ Boring I don’t mind” there’s not a single funny word in this. It speaks life and death, truth and lies, acceptance and denial. We’re gonna call this ART.

Another noteworthy peculiarity is Cousin Earth playing with the song’s tempo starting relatively laid back, then going in, speeding up considerably right in sync with the very lyrics: “Go for your dreams, Bacon Cat Food and Cheese/ Go for your dreams, Bacon Cat Food and Cheese” and shortly after we even get treated to the instrumental only, while in the video every band member is freestyling their moves at home. Oh yes, this video was shot during lockdown so it deserves a ton of bonus points for using limitations to pump up creation. We likey.

I actually worked as a bartender for about 2 years in Bushwick, Brooklyn, and funnily enough, Bacon, Cat Food & Cheese summarizes the very spirit of that borough. You never know who’s going to walk in, what they’re going to wear, what unexpected remark they’ll blurt while demanding a pickleback shot, and also telling you about his lovely pet and family issues, all at the same damn time. And yet, when tabulated, it feels like art has taken life in the form of peculiar, interesting human beings.

Watch the video, stream the song, we promise that you will stay through all of the 8 minutes, AND replay it. over. and. over. again.

Song Credits: Written by Cousin Earth, Recorded at Call Hollow Studios (Pomona, NY), Engineered by Matthew Einsidler and Ryan Liatsis, Produced by Cousin Earth and Matthew Einsidler, Mixed by Matthew Einsidler, Mastered by Marcel James Mastering.

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Written by Mariana Berdianu
Blue Rhymez Entertainment 

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