Brave by Lovana, A Chat With Your Bigger Sister On A Pop Record

If we had to choose the exemplification of a soprano voice, Lovana is who we’d point out. Making high notes sound good on danceable music is tedious work. It’s a hit or miss. And Brave, Lovana’s latest release, is a clear hit! It’s a record with a minimalistic production style that’s simple but effective, allowing Lovana’s colossally rich voice to lead and enchant the audience from start to finish. Pop music with meaning and a motivational intent behind it seems to be Lovana’s specialty.

There’s something particularly impressive about Lovana’s songs: there’s a legit story behind every record. We’ve previously shared with you how Don’t Hold Me Down was based off her days as a show artist in Gran Canaria, Spain. And today, Lovana’s back with another equally compelling admission exclusively for Blue Rhymez Entertainment: “I wrote this record after having heard yet again of one of my friends being treated badly by her partner. I am done with spending our time and energy on persons that only drain us of our emotions. Then you have these reports in the news all the time about women being emotionally and physically abused. Brave is intended to help you see the beauty in moving on and being independent.

Come on my friend don’t hang your head like that/ Too much beauty in the world to let your spirit down for a rat/ I know together we’ll get through it all/ Even if we have to scream, laugh, and shout.” kicks things off the soprano singer. Behold how she named the abuser a rat! We almost didn’t catch that! This is her genuine soul coming through ’cause you won’t get many modern singers getting that blunt on their records. They’re all trying to be politically correct, remember? Well, we’re glad as hell Lovana isn’t one of them.

The tranquil beauty of Brave peaks during its gorgeous hook: “Take a moment listen to yourself/ You gotta know what you’re made of/ ‘Cause you are stronger than you think my friend/ Yeah you should know you’re the brave one! The airy but peculiarly strong vocals are seamlessly melded with the dance-pop instrumental. The drums are relatively sharp in delivery but astutely placed along with the electro synth. The “you are brave” robotesque echo at the end of the chorus acts as the official announcement of the song. This is all so novel!

In the second verse, hilariously, Lovana yet again puts the dude in his place: “Come on my friend don’t hang your head like that/ Don’t put your focus on that spoiled big brat/ Yes I know you had your story/ But guess what? now it’s time no more sorries” – we don’t know who the guy is but whoever is Lovana’s friend, is a lucky gal.

The woman is a monster when it comes to storytelling! She concludes Brave with a soul-touching bridge: “And maybe sometimes you don’t feel that way/ It feels like everything’s lost now/ Remember there will be another day/ You’ll regain your strength somehow/ Oh yes you’re strong!” Her pitch-perfect voice will get you every single time. This record is such a blessing to all women who are in toxic relationships for you feel like you’re having a chat with your bigger sister on a pop record. It’s catchy, it’s vibrant, it’s unique, it’s real. We’re officially fans!

Song Credits: Anna Lotta Wiklund (Lovana) – Artist, Songwriter; Olivia Lundgren – Music Producer.

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Written by Mariana Berdianu
Blue Rhymez Entertainment 

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