Everything To Me by Alex Smart, A Treasured Country Ballad Incantation

He must be protected at all costs! Alex Smart from Greenville, South Carolina, is back with another great Country triumph, Everything to Me, a song whose acoustic richness and substantial message we cannot begin to appreciate enough. Dedicated to his wife, Everything to Me captivates the audience with its irresistibly beautiful love letter overlaid on organic instrumentation and modern high-quality production.My wife has this beautiful way about her that will just draw you in and truly is the most kind-hearted person I know. There isn’t any telling where I would be today if it wasn’t for her so I wanted people to witness a part of what I luckily get to live with every day,” lets us know the singer.

The two guitars mark the soulful intro of Everything to Me: “The way she looks at me/ It makes me crazy/ She can bring me to my knees/ I can’t take it/ When my day is winding down/ She’s the comfort I have found/ She’s the voice I love to hear/ That familiar sound.” The perenially fascinating love topic seems that much more tangible when we know the record is rooted in a real-life marriage. The singer’s voice reverberates with authentic density and warmth. Alex Smart is busily engaged in rendering a pitch-perfect performance from the very first verse. And with the last line, he sets the audience’s expectations high for the low note is more often than not, the anticipation of a bigger drop.

Oh yeah she’s taking over/ Taking over me/ Yeah she’s my ecstasy,” glides in the prechorus still ambivalent about the drop. “‘Cause in her love/ It’s where I dream/ She holds me up/ With her angel wings, yeah/ And oh I know / That she’s everything to me,” delightfully delivers the chorus. The tranquil yet musically fertile instrumental elevates Alex’s already impressive pipes. The hook motif is catchy with Country ballads’ characteristic up-and-down progression. Most noticeable when Alex for example goes high on up, “She holds me up”, and then goes lower in the second part of the word.

She’s the mother to our son/ And she’s a good one/ She’s the anchor to my ship/ When the waves are rolling/ She’s a warm loving sound/ That echoes through this house/ A crazy kind of love/ That can wear me out,” remains the singer faithful to the narrative. The second verse serves the purpose of marking the transition from emotional love to perpetual connection through the couple’s son. A marvelous romantic progress excellently depicted by both Alex Smart and Ben Reno, the producer.

And when the world gets too dark/ She’s the light that I see the light that I’m seeing/ In that light we can reach the stars,” epically lands the bridge. This later addition smoothes out the ending section of Everything to Me and leaves the audience with an unparalleled outpouring feeling of genuine love and affection.

Everything to Me is a moving Country ballad abundant with sonically descriptive sequences and a gushy teenage-to-adult love progression. Americana, Country, and Folk aficionados will dearly appreciate this new jam.

Song Credits: Alexander Smart (Alex Smart) – Singer, Songwriter; Ben Reno – Music Producer, Sound Engineer.

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Written by Mariana Berdianu
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