MotherShip by Levi Deadman, How Experimental Rap Is Supposed To Sound Like

Levi Deadman is one of the artists who initially appear scandalous, then provocatory, then straight-up genius. From Austin, Texas, the artist brought us today MotherShip, a new gladiatorial piece that’ll pump up Rap and Alternative aficionados alike because Levi can’t do anything by the norm. After having worked with J-Vatic in the past, I began keenly following the man on social media. Last week I discovered he was working on a new beat that was up my alley so I commented and on Saturday morning the instrumental was in my email. Completed the songwriting process in 30 minutes. MotherShip is very much unlike anything I ever wrote. On it, I lean heavily into my love for the likes of Ghostemane and other rappers with that sound,” shares Levi Deadman for Blue Rhymez Entertainment.

Whiskey and a blunt/ I’m pouring up and throwing out the guts/ Euphoria in Florida/ Found a pound of it/ It’s not enough (x2),” raps Levi Deadman. Imagine you are pouring liquid gas down a deep pipe into the ground and you hear the echo of it slushing in waves. The intro is so f*cking mental that it’ll make your sense of anticipation freeze in astonishment. The abnormally amplified acoustic impact is owed to two factors: Levi’s zombie-like raps and Jsun’s progressing mixing skills.

Around second 17 the voice collides with the snares, a low-pitched backup track, and a reverb effect that recalls Chopped and screwed music. This amalgamation confers MotherShip the phenomenal ability to entrench the listener into its core melody thus becoming a visceral experience more so than just a song to hear out.

Swinging like Ocho Cinco/ In a sinkhole with my people/ AK packed beneath my pea coat/ Peak out peepholes/ Street sweep evil,” raps Levi Deadman with a cool swag touch at the base of his bars. Funnily enough, these lines could very well take place on a mainstream song as they’re shockingly catchy. And this trajectory of aligning experimental Rap with earworm motifs is what grants the public a great deal of excitement when they hear the name of Levi Deadman. The man truly can’t exist within the confines of any pre-established genre. He says he likes Ghostmane but tbh… He’s so much better than his own influences. Ghostmane is too much on the dark side for us and the likes of normal listeners to tune in. Levi Deadman’s music on the other hand… Chef’s kiss!

Burning the sage/ Up on the stage/ From knowing my place/ To upping the stakes/ To staking my claim/ To the level of flame/ That made Kurt Cobain,” follows the shock to the auditory system. These bars are hard to crystallize in one’s mind immediately but once you have the lyrics in front of you, the story takes shape and prospers on the amped-up flow of Levi Deadman.

MotherShip starts feeling like cool alien nausea around the midsection of the record: “But I’m a walking Eden/ Gawking heathen/ Talking greasy/ Sparking bleezys/ Harmless feed me/ Lost in Fiji/ How you figure.” Magnificent and challenging to make such an uncommon Rap concept sound good.

With his endless, typewriter flow pattern, Levi Deadman proceeds to position himself on top of the food chain and directly warns those he doesn’t favor: “Know ya place/ And stay beneath me/ Or defeated/ Dead on features/ You can’t see me/ Not John Cena/ See ya somber I’m a creature/ Swimming deeper in the ether/ Eat ya leader/ Turn grim reaper/ Every leap year/ I could leave here/ In my mothership.” This new realm of extraterrestrial Rap meshed with Levi’s narrative renders the artist an undeniable trailblazer for experimental New Age Rap.

MotherShip is a rich, dark, fantasy-like story structured on top of a novel type of experimental music. Pair the two with the exquisite fast rhyming skills of Levi Deadman and you get a new beast of a single that many will remember for months, if not years, to come.

Song Credits: Levi Fuchs (Levi Deadman) – Artist, Songwriter; Josue Valenzuela (J-Vatic) – Music Producer; Jason Anderson-Ebener (Jsun The Prophesor) – Sound Engineer.

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Written by Mariana Berdianu
Blue Rhymez Entertainment 

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