The 5 Huge Advantages Of Having A Good Music Video For Your Song

I have adhered to different Facebook groups in the last couple of months, and to my surprise, there’s two things happening: 1. there is too much SPAM, 2. even the few who are actually good, usually lack visuals and only go around with a static image.
Since I can’t control the amount of spam, I will focus on the 2nd. You know when people can tolerate only the audio? When your name is Lady Gaga. Is your name Lady Gaga? I highly doubt it. But if you are, hi! I love most of your music.
New artists need to realize that no one really cares in the beginning. And if you don’t do your darndest to level up, you won’t move past the starting point. So let’s count down the paramount advantages having a music video accompany your audio creation.

5. People Will Associate Your Face With The Craft

Photo by FOTOGRAFIA .GES on Unsplash

Say you’ve got an incredible song, your producer says it is hot, your beta-trial listeners gave you the okay, and you absolutely love it. You put it up online with just a photo. Now tell me exactly why should I even give it a shot? Unless a credible source obligates me to pay attention to it, I will NEVER play it. I need to see who you are, I need to feel close to you, I need to see that you are serious about your career, and I need to see if you have potential worthy of my time. You can only satisfy the consumer’s needs by creating a music video for your track. If you don’t establish an emotional, visual connection with the audience, you got some serious problems. And don’t come saying that Sia never shows her face, and yet is rich and famous. Sia started her career in the ‘90s in a jazz band! When there was a lack of material around and people were actually buying tapes, vinyls, and CDs. In this day and time, we have an OVERSATURATED market. So you have to stand out.

4. Your Song Will Be Taken Seriously

Photo by Troy T on Unsplash

In simple words: people trust things that have money behind them. You study arduously for a course you’ve paid. You carry around that leather bag with utmost attention because you’ve spent an arm and a leg on it. You never dare question Billboard Top 100 because every single person on that list, paid big money to get there, so they must be serious. Heck, you even tend to love more the movies you actually buy. Oh, and not to forget, most companies and freelancers double, triple, and even quadruple their income when they spike up their prices. And this mentality of ours reflects directly on how we perceive songs with good music videos: someone must have believed really hard in this song if they spent money to make this music video, so I will pay attention to it too. Obviously we don’t verbalize it, but this is the EXACT thought process that goes in everyone’s brain when choosing whether to spend 3 minutes of their life on your content or not. So help them decide in your favor.

3. You Will Gain Loyal Fans For Life

Photo by Anthony DELANOIX on Unsplash

If you put all of your heart and money into creating an outstanding music video, people will see it, feel it, and react to it. I will bet whatever you want that if you have to think back to when you first started liking an artist, it was the moment you saw him/her in a music video. You might hear the song first, like on the radio, but you will look for its visuals right after. We as humans, always want more, seek for more, work for more. And when you want to be a fan of someone, how can you become one if you don’t know who you’re idolizing to begin with?

2. People With Power Will Take You Under Their Radar

Photo by Dylan Gillis on Unsplash

If you’ve been doing music for a while, you know by now that record labels and agents only get interested in artists who have serious star power already. Meaning you can sell out a small venue on your own with no help, you have decent streaming numbers being independent, you got a strong social media presence, and you’ve possibly already had entertainment websites talk about you. None of these is possible without VISUALS. Yes, music is the lifeline, but the video is what keeps it alive. Believe me, unless you have a really good music video, the gate-keepers, aka the people you need to further your career, will not spend their time and money on you. If you don’t believe hard enough in yourself to create a music video, why should I? But if you do, they will quietly wait on you increasing your numbers and fans, and when they smell the money coming your way, they will show up in your inbox, or on your phone most likely, asking to meet up so that you can evaluate your options. It happens. It happened to me.

1. You Will Make Money Off Of It

Photo by Ibrahim Rifath on Unsplash

If you are distributing your music through CD Baby, they will collect revenue for EVERY SINGLE TIME someone plays your song on YouTube, and now on Tik Tok too! That for example, earned me more money from my music videos than from my streaming numbers. Why? Same reason: a picture is worth a thousand words. Give your fans something good to watch and listen to at the same time, and they will keep coming back for it. And every time they do it, you get money in your pocket. And the ripple effect of the music video will go on for years. Basically it will become a passive source of income. You put in money and effort ONCE, and then let it accumulate revenue on its own. How do you think One Hit Wonders survive? like THIS.

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