Tom Gorsich, The Indie-Pop Producer Who Got It Right

As I’m watching, listening, analyzing Boys Don’t Cry, Tom’s most recent project, tears go down my cheeks and I can’t take my eyes off the screen. It just resonates too much with my own observations about the world so far, particularly men. After all the years of media propaganda tagging men as players, movies that portray them as insensitive human beings, books sold aggressively online on how to get one, ‘professional’ dating coaches schooling us on red flags, countless YouTube videos on how to understand them, use them, keep them, it just gets too overwhelming and it truly feels like men are from Mars, and women from Venus. Then you start seeing that we’re much more similar than the BS we’re sold daily. ‘I must be having dirty thoughts/ Just because I’m a boy/ I’m never up to something good/ I’m never doing everything I should‘ – is singing Frannie El, the African singer from Nigeria who collaborated with Tom to make this incredible song happen.

Tom Gorsich ft. Frannie El – Boys Don’t Cry

Besides the incredible lyrics, I get pulled in by the suave music, the guitar chords, the sweet piano notes, the concise drums, the short, perfect finger snaps, the light snare present here and there that harmonizes beautifully with the whole song structure. And not to forget, the slow down momentum at the bridge, the right pickup after it, and the angelic female voice reverberating during the hook. This song is just right in so many ways. Think of Rude by Magic. THAT is the potential this song has.

Tom Gorsich doing what he does best: producing music

Tom is a wedding photographer by day, and a dedicated producer the rest of the time. His English is close to perfect despite it not being his first language ”I picked up English in school… We study it for 5 years in elementary school, then 4 more years in high school… And then there is the everyday stuff: TV, Internet, Movies…”. Tom is a living example of a self-educated artist in the modern digital world, and that is a wonderful thing to witness. He doesn’t see any discrimination or lack of opportunity in being from Slovenia: ”No way, in the days of the internet there are no borders in music… I have many collaborators in the US, England, Thailand, Africa… We’re doing a fine job! No place for discrimination here. You know, music is a universal language.”; this is very intriguing to me, as I have observed for over a decade since I started myself in the music industry, that usually everyone who wants a certain level of success ends up moving to the States. So I push further ”So you never felt that if you had been born in America for example, you would have had more opportunities to grow faster as a producer?”. To which he says ”No way, I see a lot of crappy producers on the internet struggling and even begging for a few views for their stuff…you know what? Hard work makes opportunity, not the size of the country.”, a thought that will linger with me for a long time most probably.

Tom Gorsich

Another thing that stood out were the lyrics captured in the video right below the image, as you would have closed captioning, except you can’t avoid them or turn them off as they come with the actual original file. I always thought many artists in the world lose many fans by simply assuming that everyone will understand the song. Tom Gorsich gets what most don’t: music is international, and one needs to see it from that point of view at all times. And he does so by making sure that you will read the lyrics clearly. I very much appreciated this touch of global thinking.

Tom Gorsich

As for his goals regarding his musical creations, Tom says ‘For starters, it would be nice if the music paid for itself so I can keep on producing’. This right here, is THE right mindset to have when taking your music career to the next level. In few words: Tom Gorsich got it right. He owns all of his tracks exclusively, he pays out of his own pocket for all the video footage, he works with multiple international talents, knows how to pitch himself (hint: this article is the result of his polite yet strong message he sent me), and is incredibly CONSISTENT (see for yourself his YouTube channel HERE and contact him directly on Facebook HERE ). If there is something I can predict, is that Tom will soon transition from his day job to full time producing. Congratulations in advance Tom Gorsich!

Interview conducted by Mariana Berdianu
Blue Rhymez Entertainment © 2020

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