The Top 7 Female Rappers Most Likely To Blow Up in 2020

If you ask a random person to name a female rapper, most likely the answer will be Nicki Minaj or Cardi B. And they’re both really good at what they do. However, they haven’t been around for that long. Once you start listening to their songs, in a couple of days you get to know all of their discography. With female rappers, there’s a high demand and a short supply. So we’ve put together a list of 7 female rappers that are most likely to go mainstream in 2020:

7. Cuban Doll

Born in 1998, Aaliyah Keef has made a name for herself more for the drama she was involved in, than her actual music. Associated with Tekashi 6ix9ine, Kodak Black, Tadoe, Offset, Cardi B, Aaliyah Keef has high quality visuals, good production, but low-impact music. None of her songs are memorable. However she got a decent 10 million views on her most popular music video ‘Bankrupt’

The reason we think she has high potential to blow up is for the same reasons she got famous for: the gossip she’s involved in. Blogs still interview her regarding that Cardi B-Offset-3some drama. You most likely have heard OF her, but can not name a song BY her. She gives off Bhad Bhabie vibes. Good luck Cuban Doll!

6. Kodie Shane

Unlike 7 and 6, Kodie Shane has actually catchy songs while keeping it raw. She needs a couple more famous co-signs, but she’s got the whole package ready to be introduced to the world: impressive production, good vocals, secure voice, mainstream-friendly music, good rhymes, unique looks, and overall very memorable as an artist. The biggest impediment in her becoming famous is the lack of media interest in her persona. No wikipedia page, no gossip she’s been recently involved in, no big features. Let’s hope she and her team fix this issue soon so we can listen to her music instead of boring rappers who are shoved down our throats. For the moment, enjoy her latest music video 2 Many

5. Tierra Whack

Born in 1995, Tierra Helena Whack, is an incredibly creative artist and naturally talented rapper with a very distinctive voice. Her tone stands out. Once you’ve heard a song of hers, you will recognize her voice on any other given song. Same way Rihanna has a voice that you could never mistake it for another artist, Tierra gives off the same energy and potential. She even managed to get a Grammy nomination for her ”Mumbo Jumbo” music video. It seems Tierra is one of the few artists that has managed to use her only her talent to get attention: no drama, no controversy or vice encouraging. It is really entertaining to see her music videos. A true artist. Take a look at her A Colors Show performance

4. Princess Nokia

Everything stands out about this woman: throwback name (real name: Destiny Nicole Frasqueri), looks, rhymes, flow, visual material. She got that X factor and a huge fan base that can propell her to a stratospheric level of fame compared to the other artists on this list. She would only have to find a middle ground between her hip material and mainstream. Maybe put a famous singer on the hook? Oh, and must mention, she is very beautiful, which can only ease the marketing strategy for her.

3. Maliibu Miitch

Add memorable hooks with heavy flow, good looks, hard beats, professional music videos, through-the-roof swag and you will get a bona fide STAR. Relatively underrated (couldn’t find her real name), Maliibu Miitch is far from a mumble rapper or an attention-seeking artist. She gained notoriety for her remakes of already-famous songs to which she added her own twist: Who’s That Girl, Gotta Get You Home With Me, Doo Wop, amongst others. The reason she scores number 3 on this list, is because her most viewed video is from 2018, so it is somewhat fresh. Other female rappers have their peak music videos from more than 2 years ago. One of her fans called her ”the female Rick Ross when she hit that deep voice”. And we must agree.

2. Kash Doll

We’re not really able to see the appealing factor in Kash Doll, but she is taking over. Gossip websites talk about her, artists feature her, YouTube reccomends her. She will become inevitable this year or 2021 max. Maybe she got a good team, maybe she’s just luckier, but seems like Kash Doll got the stars alligning for her to succeed. We’ve chosen her catchiest solo song to share with you.

1. Rico Nasty

At only 22 years old, Maria-Cecilia Simone Kelly, has produced an impressive body of work so far: 6 mixtapes, 17 singles, and over 15 music videos. At such a young age and with such high quality visuals, one can not help but wonder how do you even have the time to create all that? And how are you able to afford it? Google says her net worth is estimated to be at around $500.000. Rico is the most consistent female rapper of the ones we’ve picked, BUT… she might have a hard time breaking into popular music because her songs are not catchy. She got most things right, but her songs will have to be more melodical, at least the hooks, because it gets boring after a while. It starts like ”yeah! she goes off! she’s so raw!” and after 5 songs you go like ”yeah… she’s always screaming… she’s not so much fun after all”. Anyways, judge for yourself her latest single:

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