Top 7 Songs That Were Made Famous By Need For Speed

Listening to a song continuously while you’re playing a game, creates such a deep connection between the emotions the game is creating in your brain and the song itself. Because every single time you’ll hear that song, you’ll be taken back to those memories and feelings. Just like when you smell a scent that reminds you of a very specific event. Let’s dive into the top 7 songs that were made famous by the Need For Speed game series.

7. Petey Pablo – Need For Speed

This song was THE song from Need For Speed Underground 1, which sold around 25 million copies worldwide and received only positive reviews from all gaming communities in the world. And it is Petey Pablo’s TOP international song. The second song that brought notoriety to Petey Pablo was Goodies with Ciara. Other than that… crickets! But hey, thanks for the memories!

6. The Perceptionists – Let’s Move

Unfortunately there’s not much information to be discovered about this single except that it was created by The Perceptionists in 2005 and that it was part of their ‘Black Dialogue’ debut album. And it is to day, the MOST VIEWED (in this case listened, since a video is actually not present) song they have ever put out as a group. You know why? Need For Speed Most Wanted.

5. Capone – I Need Speed

Can we all agree that Need For Speed Underground 2 gave us hits for years to come? Another song that is still well alive within the fan community of NFSU2 is ‘I Need Speed‘ by the rapper Capone. To give you an idea of its immortality, here are the stats:
1. over 5 million views with no music video and being uploaded 6 years later than the actual release (2011 vs 2005);
2. Over 25.000 likes;
3. Most recent comment 5 HOURS AGO.

4. Ludacris – Act A Fool

The younger kids know Ludacris as an actor, but he actually got famous from his rap songs initially. Need For Speed Most Wanted promoted the heck out of this song and I can not listen to it without seeing the cars racing in my mind. In 2003 this song was nominated for the Grammy Award for Best Song Written for a Motion Picture, and it peaked at number 32 on Billboard Top 100. Cheers to the 00’s rap music!

3. Hush – Fired Up

To the old school hip hop heads, Hush is well known for his album There Goes The Neighborhood (1999). To the 90s kids and younger, we know his song Fired Up thanks to Need For Speed Most Wanted (2005). Swag that spills with every word, every rhyme, aggressive flow, how can you NOT like this song? Oh and let’s not forget the gorgeous cars featured in NFSMW. Mumble rappers, take notes :-*

2. Lil Jon feat. The East Side Boyz – Get Low

You ever heard of Crunk music? If you did, you got Need For Speed Underground 1 to thank to. NFSU1 propelled this song to the charts in 2003 making it THE breakthrough single for the crunk genre. Can you imagine making a song that STARTS A GENRE? freakin’ incredible. This song is such a historical piece in pop culture having been featured as well in movies like The Proposal, The Mattress, Coach Carter and White Chicks.

1. Fat Joe feat. Remy Ma – Lean Back

Such a timeless song that broke records having ruled the charts for over a month at the time of its release in 2004. What Fat Joe doesn’t know, is that thanks to Need For Speed Underground 2, this song was as famous as it can get. Imagine over 300 kids ages 9-12 and they all lose their damn minds when this song comes on at the evening party at summer camp. And this was going on in countries where people don’t even speak English. The game alone sold over 20 million copies. And we’re not including here the pirated installed versions of the game. Which I am assuming would be at least double the number. So you have at least 40 million people in this world who created a lifetime connection with song. Every time your car entered the garage in Need For Speed Underground 2, this song was blasting. Note to Fat Joe: if you ever run out of performing opportunities in the States, come to Europe and tell your promoters to target adults that used to play NSFU2. You’ll sell out. 😉

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