Fresco Trey, The Leading Unsigned Artist of 2020

I know, bold claim, but once you see his music videos and pay attention to his lyrics and music, YOU KNOW he’s gonna blow up. It’s just a matter of time until he gets noticed by the right people. Ladies and gentlemen, welcome Fresco Trey. The best unsigned artist I fully believe in 100%. When someone is undeniably good, you are forced to make place in your mind and heart for his artistic presence. Too often people get caught up in the details of what makes someone number one. But it is not that deep or that hard to figure out: it is so good, that regardless of the usual music you prefer, this song stays with you until it becomes an earworm. Issue: very few artists are able to create earworms. And when someone manages to do it consistently, it is guaranteed, with a mathematical certainty, that it is going to make its place to the top. And this is what I present to you today: a highly-skilled earworm creator, Fresco Trey.

Fresco Trey’s music is a smooth blend between high-production hip hop beats and an-almost-angelical voice (this guy knows how to use his falsetto to ride the instrumentals), with an extra layer of dope lyrics and a drop of perfect ad libs. Experiencing his songs while looking at his music videos for the first time, you get an AHA! moment just like when you find your soulmate and you just know it is the right person. ”My sister introduced me to music. Since I was young, she’s always influenced me to just freestyle and come up with melodies. So eventually I decided I would branch and try it out… She actually paid for my first studio session and I’ve been in love ever since. I got into music because it felt like it was my way. Whenever I was creating, I felt as if I was on a cloud and nobody could get in the way of my cloud” says Fresco Trey about his ‘initiation’ in the art of creating music.

Fresco Trey

If you take a look at his most recent music video Spare Me The Pain, you will notice that he carries the whole song on his own effortlessly. Do you know how rare that is? Ask Pitbull, Fat Joe, Flo Rida, Dj Khaled or T Pain. Fresco Trey puts his vocal chords to work, his pen to shine and his flow to lead the beat. The 2nd verse dawns with a poetic vibe of reality vs expectations: ”If I don’t live my life the way I should then let me know/ Cause I been here before and I just need someone to hold/ Grab me by the edge and promise you won’t let me go/ Cause I been fighting demons they been damaging my soul”. You know what’s funny? This guy is 20 years old and if there’s one thing he could tell his younger self is ”Start making music earlier!”. Fresco gets the importance of investing TIME in your music career.

When asked about his own favorite song, Fresco Trey gives an unexpected answer: ”My favorite song that’s out would have to be By My Side, simply because it expresses myself in a way that people aren’t used to. It shows my versatility because normally I do more singing than rapping”. He is a very mainstream-like rapper which is good news to us listeners, cause it doesn’t sound too new to the point it bothers the ears. I would say By My Side is a staple song for what rap is going to start sounding like very soon. Mumble rappers are fading away and people are looking for something just as hype but with clearer rhymes and deeper meaning while not sounding like old school, all at the same damn time. Believe it or not, all those years of the veteran rappers looking down on mumble artists shifted the perspective of consumers. When you hear Snoop Dogg making fun of these ‘new-school’ kids, you’re gonna listen. And so we did. People don’t take pride in listening to Future(the rapper)-like artists. Au contraire, who does, hides it. And Fresco Trey is what we’re all gonna listen to in 2 years tops. So support him before he makes it so you can brag about having known him since day ONE.

Fresco Trey

When I see an artist as good as Fresco Trey, the question pops up in my head automatically ”How are you making the money for it?”, to which he answers ”I engineer other people to make cash”. If you’re that good to get paid for engineering other artists’ songs as well besides your own, boy… you got NOTHING to worry about. Because a substantial sum of money goes POURED into mixing and mastering. It is THE ONE THING that can make all the difference between a radio hit song and a demo on YouTube. Now if you’re able to SAVE ALL THAT MONEY and invest it in music videos instead, you got yourself the perfect recipe for a self-sustainable music career. And it appears Fresco Trey manages to fund his path by doing MUSIC. It doesn’t get better than that.

For more music by Fresco Trey on Apple Music, click HERE. For Spotify, click HERE. Follow him on Instagram @fresco.trey, watch him on YouTube, and make sure you share his music with your friends on social media if you want to actually help Fresco Trey out in succeeding faster.
Interview conducted by Mariana Berdianu
Blue Rhymez Entertainment © 2020

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