How To Make Money From Your Music On YouTube Without Needing Monetization

Everyone knows that if you want to monetize your channel, you MUST have at least 1,000 subscribers and at least 4,000 hours of watch time within the past 12 months. If you got that and never broke any YouTube policy, good for you. But what if you got even bigger numbers but have your monetization disabled because of a past channel strike? There’s a way around this: publish your music with CD Baby and they’ll get you your coins for every single time someone plays your music. Here’s what their website says: ”You are entitled to ad revenue generated from ANY video on YouTube that contains your music — even if it’s just playing for 5 seconds in the background. CD Baby has partnered with YouTube to ensure that you’re collecting everything you’re owed.” This is verified and very profitable too. It means you’re earning on all fronts. Even if YouTube does not allow YOU to monetize your videos, they allow CD Baby to represent you thus they are obligated to pay your publisher, CD Baby, for every song play you get on their platform. And CD Baby will get the money directly to you. For instance, if your channel is not eligible for monetization but you got a decent amount of regular fans, with CD Baby you will get paid regularly and much more than on your own. You’ll get paid for every cover, dance video, short video, sing-along video, basically any single video that contains your music will put a couple of cents for every play. As an artist myself, I made more money through CD Baby than monetizing my channel on my own. The only thing you should know and NOT worry about it is that you will get, as the uploader of the video, a copyright claim notice, which makes your video ineligible for placing ads, but when you’ll look at the notice, it will say with it.

Copyright owners: CD Baby On behalf of: (Your Artist Name)

meaning it’s working! and that CD Baby is collecting your royalties even when YouTube is placing THEIR OWN ADS on your video without permission and they THINK they’re not paying you anything. But they ARE paying CD Baby for their artist’s song, which is YOU.

I am not getting paid to tell you about this. I am sharing this with you because I want you to earn money from your music just like I am and to also follow my website regularly because you will NEVER get such valuable information ANYWHERE ELSE.

Article by Mariana Berdianu
Blue Rhymez Entertainment © 2020

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