Diamente, The US Soldier Who Mixes Rap With Country Music

Meet Diamente (born: Sebastian Gregory Oskey), a 28 year old artist from Georgia, who was mixing rap with country music long before Lil Nas X blew up with Old Town Road.

Diamente – Drive By The Moonlight Official Music Video

When I first gave a listen to Drive By The Moonlight, I couldn’t help but stick with the whole song from start to finish. It’s just too good to pass on: a very rich and complete instrumental, beautiful classic drums, electric guitar, acoustic guitar, smart build-up, catchy hook, pleasant country voice, positive vibes, chill rap flow, proper mix and master. And bonus: a very impressive music video. From aerial shots, a delightful bonfire at night, lots of happy people having fun, to a green jeep spinning wheels in the dirt, the classic red party cups, cute dogs and even a piano, it got everything it needs to captivate the audience.
I was wondering though, why mix rap with country music? to which Diamente decides to share with me the very organic provenience of this song: ”I actually wrote Drive by the Moonlight about 5 years ago. Way before Lil Nas X blew up. I wrote this song after a great night hanging out with a few of my Army friends who were from the country. We were “Off-Roading” in the El Paso Desert, ran into a group of random people who were having a bonfire and shooting a bunch of guns. Being a city boy, I never really got to do them kind of things, so I just felt that I could use that night to write a great song.” And a great song you wrote Diamente! I just admire how everything came together so naturally which explains the real vibes you get from watching the music video and listening to the song itself. You can’t fake moments like this. And I am pretty sure Diamente has memories for a lifetime thanks to Drive By The Moonlight.


I am curious about Diamente’s roots, as one has to be different in his thinking to put together such artistic music: ”I was Born in the Small Town of Hicksville, Ohio and grew up in Denver, Colorado. I currently live in Fort Benning, Georgia. I am Active Duty in the Army so I move around quite a bit.” My jaw is on the floor!!! So you mean to tell me, you’re a musical visionary, having mixed country with hip hop way before it was mainstream, you can rap, you know where to invest your money AND you’re Active Duty??? My full admiration and respect for doing so many smart things at such a young age Diamente! Btw, for those who are not familiar with the term, here’s the Google answer: ”An active duty soldier serves in the military full time. In most cases, he/she lives on or near an Army base, either in the United States or overseas, and is always on duty, 24 hours a day, seven days a week, along with the rest of his/her unit.


One thing is for sure: Diamente is wise beyond his years. ”For how long you’ve been doing this?” I ask excitedly, ”I have been making rap music for about 20 years. I started writing music when I was about 9 years old, and started recording when I was about 13 years old. Took a little break when I first joined the Army and didn’t really record or take music seriously until about 6 months ago.” – replies Diamente. For all other artists reading this, take notes of a very valuable lesson here: you can get your life and money together first, and THEN do music too. This is especially important for those who feel that if they go to college or university might be losing out on years of doing music. You’re not losing on anything. With the internet and wide access we have these days, you can start music at any point in your life and STILL MAKE IT.

Diamente – On My Official Music Video

If you’re curious about Diamente’s other songs just like I was, good news for you: I got you covered. His other songs got some serious flow and incredibly catchy hooks, definitely mainstream material.
I’m ending this article with Diamente’s special shout out: ”I’d like to give special thanks to BeTheKnowledge. He is my mentor in music, and has always been there to support me and give me honest feedback.

Support Diamente and his highly creative vision on his official website HERE, on Spotify HERE, on YouTube HERE, on Facebook HERE, on Twitter HERE, and on Instagram HERE.

Interview conducted by Mariana Berdianu
Blue Rhymez Entertainment © 2020

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