Erick Amador, The Chilean Teacher With Mainstream Pop Potential

Had I not asked Erick personally where he’s from, I would have never guessed, just from his voice, that he is not American. His English is flawless, his delivery incredibly soulful, his visuals – on point, and his manners ooze respect and maturity. You’d think this is a person that grew up surrounded by mainstream music, but instead, he just discovered his passion for the R&B-Pop fusion type of sound. A voice that is outstanding, a production that is top-level, and a personality that makes you feel welcome, this is Erick Amador.

Eric Amador – Breathe Official Music Video

If there’s one thing that artists should focus on all their energy and mental power, is being the best at what you do and NOT worry about what the future brings, because being the best will open the right doors for you ORGANICALLY. And that is exactly how Erick found his love for R&B-Pop music: ”Since I started singing I have been through many styles, Pop seemed to be THE genre. However, in 2017, I got the wonderful chance to make a collaboration with Darren Bolger, a British producer, and composer. He chose me to perform his R&B compositions, which are actually part of my first album ‘Breathe’. That was when I fell in love with R&B.” An open mind and high artistic flexibility can only improve Erick’s chances to succeed at a higher level in the music industry. 

Erick Amador

”Who or what got you into music? What started this fire inside you?” I ask very interestedly in the upcoming answer: I have always loved music, it’s one of those inexplicable connections that touches me deep inside my heart. Mom and dad tell me that when I was a baby, they used to leave the radio on because the music kept me calm and happy. When I was a child, I also remember often hanging around the old instruments we had. When I grew up, my friends noticed my talent, and would always ask me to sing songs. I think, in the end, it was they who pushed me to take the next step: getting into this professionally. There are also other artists in the family, on my dad’s side, that were like role models for me.” – says Erick reflecting back on his beginnings. I find it most curious how genetics can actually play a big role in your career choices, maybe without you even realizing it.
Another peculiarity that Erick has brought forward is the songwriting process: ”Writing lyrics is such a complicated process because it involves tons of inspiration and having the actual time to get inspired. I have many songs in Spanish, and I remember those composition processes as quite demanding. I used to go to bed with a pen and a piece of paper next to me just in case I woke up in the middle of the night with new ideas.” This is very interesting to me, as most artists say it’s a piece of cake. Which I believe to stand true to native English speakers. But many people forget that numerous artists had to adapt over time to the American standards and that it is NOT what they were born with. It is truly commendable the way Erick still decided to pursue the creative writing process while knowing it’s lots of hard work ahead of him.

Erick Amador

As to what Erick does to support himself financially, it’s another noble mission that completes the picture-perfect altruistic personality he’s proven during this interview: ”I’m a teacher and I have a full-time job in a school in my hometown. Teaching is actually my other big passion. I feel like I have the unique chance of building up my students’ minds and touching their hearts just as I do with music” If all musicians think like this, I wish all teachers were artists. We’d live in a better world with a safer future.
As the last question, I want to know how Erick feels about music career goals and one’s physical location: ”The internet has changed limitations by giving artists the possibility to reach the world over social media. However, locations in many circumstances continue affecting artists. Live performing for one, is a major expectation from fans for example, and in countries like Chile, there are not many places for that. And even fewer if you don’t live in Santiago, the capital city.” I have to agree with Erick. Many countries are not focused on the nightlife like US or UK is for example. And as an artist, it hits you hard when you realize your performing opportunities are equal to the number of show venues surrounding you.

Erick Amador

I would like to thank, first and foremost, my family that has always stood by me: mom, dad, grandma. Although the latter passed away, she continues being my biggest inspiration. A huge thank you to my friends and fans that follow my work and encourage me every day. You mean so much to me, especially when things get harder. To Darren Bolger, Thank You!, for you gave me the amazing chance to bring my voice beyond my country and reach places like the States, UK and South Africa.

Follow Erick Amador on Instagram HERE, on Facebook HERE, on YouTube HERE, and listen to his beautiful music on Spotify HERE, on Apple Music HERE.

Interview conducted by Mariana Berdianu
Blue Rhymez Entertainment ©2020

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