5 Amazing Things You Can Do At Home As A Musician During The Coronavirus Times (Part 2)

Thanks to your awesome feedback and support, we’ve gone ahead and created a 2nd list of fun things you can do at home, as an artist, during these incredibly hard days. You can read the 1st part here: https://bluerhymezentertainment.wordpress.com/2020/03/17/5-amazing-things-you-can-do-at-home-as-a-musician-during-the-coronavirus-times-part-1/

5. Live Stream Your Talent

Whether you’re a singer, instrumentist, producer, or even DJ, thanks to social media, you can live-perform now for your audience right from your most comfortable place ever: your home. HOWEVER! do not stream poor quality sounding or looking videos. Make sure your internet speed is apt for streaming, get some extra lights in the room, make sure the sound is not muffled and that you’re not too close to the mic either. Also read what people write every now and then and say hi, welcome to my live stream, answer questions and engage with them. Create a 2-way stream session. If I wanted to just look at someone, I’d turn the TV on.

4. Try Out A New Genre

Photo by CYNTHIA REED on Unsplash

This one is fun for days. Have you always had fear of trying let’s say… jazz music? confront your fears (do not forget that fear usually comes from lack of knowledge), and learn a song that is completely out of your repertoire. You are a pop artist? time to sing some rock songs. You love playing classics on your piano? time to give a chance to new artists too. You will feel incredibly out of place initially, but you will learn that you are much more talented than you thought. Experimenting with different styles never hurt no artist. Ask Rihanna.

3. Create Lyric Videos For Your New/Old Songs

Photo by Zeynep on Unsplash

Did you know that an effective lyric video can actually impact your audience just as much as an official music video would? And did you know it is not that hard to do that? just type in the name of the software you use for video editing, then add ”typography tutorial”. So if you’re using Sony Vegas Pro 14, you write on YouTube in the Search bar: Sony Vegas Pro 14 Typography Tutorial. The reason you want to include ”typography” is because this mode implies the writing is in sync with the audio. With a lil bit of time and patience, you will be creating your own professional-looking lyric videos.

2. Create Editable Checklists

Photo by Spencer Imbrock on Unsplash

Truth is, we, as artists, need to check off things 99% of the time. And while it may be boring now, trust me, when this virus goes away, you will never again be forced into time off. So take this imposed vacation to be productive for your future. I highly suggest using Libre Office, downloadable at https://www.libreoffice.org/ It’s like a twin of Microsoft Office Word from 2003-2007, but FOR FREE. It is compatible with .docx files so no need to worry about your more recent documents. Checklists you need to make: promo steps, video steps, song steps, live show items, questions to ask before shows, things needed before a release, etc. You make it ONCE, and never again have to think about it. Help save some space in your mind. Your brain will thank you.

1. Make A Vision Board

Photo by Spencer Imbrock on Unsplash

You will be amazed at how little you know about what you actually want. Artists say they want success. Well do you? How many singles you want to sell every month? How much income from streaming would be ideal for you? How many times would you like your videos to be viewed on YouTube? How many subscribers would you need to have to be able to ask your sponsor/label for more funding? How much money do you need for the perfect music video? and how many dollars you need to save every month to make that happen? How many shows would you want to perform every year? month? week? in what countries would you go if you had to embark on a lengthy tour? most artists never take the time to answer these questions. As a result, they don’t know where they’re headed, so they create music blindly with no tangible goals. Take a day off and write down EVERY SINGLE DESIRED SUCCESS in numbers. Numbers are easy on the eyes and on the Universe. It helps you focus a lot more on what you really want. And add images to it. When you lack focus, pull out the vision board and meditate over it. You’re getting: law of attraction, future planning, refocusing and meditating at the same damn time. 4 in 1. And bonus: your brain will start coming up with ways to make those numbers happen. Something you never assigned it to deal with. The beauty is that the brain WANTS ALL PROBLEMS SOLVED. So you will be SHOCKED when overnight, you wake up with an incredible solution to bumping up those stream numbers on Spotify, or album sales. Give your brain the number, and he’ll hand you the guide. LITERALLY.

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