Sinikka Monte, The 18-year-old Pop Sensation From Austria

It is rare to find young talents with depth and potential. Even rarer to find a female artist who takes her career seriously enough to invest in a professional music video. Third rare factor: to be of a nationality other than American. Truth is, the music industry is in the hands of the American empire. So when acts who are not native to it, BUT, treat their craft as if it was, it is all the more impressive. Welcome Sinikka Monte, an extraordinary young artist from Austria.

Sinikka Monte – It Ain’t You Official Music Video

A music video that puts all the emphasis on Sinikka’s voice and artistry: very little makeup, no glitz and glamour, a simple tank top and high-waisted khaki pants, no background dancers, no smoke and mirrors, just her and her personality transpiring through the screen. The true definition of being yourself and showing off your MUSIC.
With her parents being South-African and Finnish, Sinikka is a girl of the world: ”I was born in Scotland, but live in Austria. While my name is Finnish”. Now that is one unheard-of combination of cultural influences. ”When did you understand that you were made for music?” I ask curiously,
I started writing songs when I was 12, after which I realized it’s all I ever wanted to do!”. Now you can feel pretty bad about yourself as most of us didn’t have a clue who they were at 12 years old. I proceed with another important question: ‘‘Given your young age, are you also pursuing other avenues than music at the present time? like a higher education?”, to which Sinikka responds: ”I am being home-schooled and would like to graduate next year.

Sinikka Monte

Sinikka’s 1st single, It Ain’t You, brags a decent 18k views in under 4 months: ”It Ain’t You describes the end of an abusive relationship that consumed me to the point where I was doing nothing for myself. In few words, he wasn’t the ONE. My mom sometimes helps me with writing lyrics. I tell her how I feel, and she makes suggestions, then I come up with the melody and complete the lyrics. It is important they reflect my feelings and are true.” We stan a mother-daughter working dynamic. ”The debut of my single, however, was the best and the scariest thing that ever happened to me at the same time, as a musician. Not knowing what people will think of it, brings another level of unknown compared to doing covers

Sinikka Monte

With such a sultry voice and captivating energy, one must wonder: who does Sinikka look up to in the music business? ”I would love to pick apart Ariana Grande’s brain. I have always loved her music and admired her for
writing her own music and being heavily involved in its production.
” A very fascinating answer, as one would never assume after hearing and seeing It Ain’t You, that there’s mainstream pop influence in Sinikka’s artistry. Sinikka’s sound and visuals resemble rather Paramore’s newer style, such as Hard Times. If Sinikka manages in her career path to keep the indie vibes of Paramore but get closer to the mainstream pop sound of Ariana Grande, she’s a global star in becoming.

Sinikka Monte

I would like to thank my parents for the support and my brother for performing with me. Also, I would like to thank everyone who has helped me to get me where I am now” When you got your family rooting for you as well, not just your age-related peers, you’ve got some serious potential in you. And I foresee a great rise for Sinikka in the upcoming months. One can only go up from here, and here, where she brought herself to be, is a great starting place.
Follow Sinikka on Twitter HERE, catch up with her personal and professional posts on Instagram HERE, see her past and present releases on Facebook HERE, and listen to her music on Spotify HERE.
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Interview conducted by Mariana Berdianu
Blue Rhymez Entertainment ©2020

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