The 7 Types Of Rap Artists You Will Meet Online

Some will find this piece funny, some – offensive. We call it factual. Here are 7 types of rappers you will encounter online 😀

7. The Scared Guy

It may sound ridiculous considering rap music is all about that confidence and flexing, but there are actually lots of scared rappers. This type will respond to each and every comment, will shy away from sharing his own music, always saying he’s still ”warming up”, and generally prefers to keep his rap career hidden from his coworkers. He hopes to make it big one day and only THEN, tell everyone about his passion. Our bet? not gonna happen.

6. The Absolute Douchebag

Photo by pablo soriano on Unsplash

He’s the one who’ll have you fuming and wishing he was in the same room so that you could punch him in the face. The absolute douchebag is the rapper who thinks he’s the next best thing since sliced bread. He is incredibly far from reality, he’s also extremely insecure and will bully any person whose remarks may resemble critique. Stay far away. This type of rapper is insane. Literally. Usually short too. His Napoleon complex can be smelled from miles away.

5. The Hustler

Photo by alan King on Unsplash

This guy will have you wondering what have you done wrong in this life since he got it ALL: cars, clothes, cash, jewelry, houses etc. He can be seen in his pictures partying it up with A listers, gorgeous women and in top studios. One thing is for sure: he got lots of money. 11 times out of 10, he is a drug dealer. He seems to be busier counting his dollars than doing actual rap music. He is not impressed or bothered by anyone. He couldn’t really care if he succeeds or not in the industry, it’s more of a time killer for him and a legal excuse for his dirty money.

4. The Has-Been Dude

Peter Gunz

Usually this guy is past his 40s at the present moment and was involved in his 20s with bigger celebrities, and most likely, had a one-hit-wonder on his hands. Case in point: Peter Gunz. In their mind they think people still care about them when in actuality, only their baby mamas do. He can go on for days with incredibly detailed speeches on the complexity of rap rhymes and flow, but never really measuring up to his own rules. He’s just washed up and you get from the get-go his time has long passed.

3. The Rich Kid

No, not that rapper. The kids who are born past 2000 and think they are part of the culture because they can afford buying chains, grills and Balenciaga socks. They are ridiculously rich and lucky, having been born in wealthy families, or middle class at least. He just likes the idea of being hardcore, but will cut his dreads the moment daddy threatens to reduce his allowance. Possibly going to an Ivy League college. Incredibly mediocre lyrically though. He usually needs ghostwriters to put out decent music.

2. The Internet Rapper

Compared to the other 5 above, this guy actually has common sense and higher self-awareness. He knows manners and will say stuff like thank you for your feedback and we agree to disagree. Not a bad artist either. He knows his weaknesses and strengths. He studied a lot of the hip hop predecessors and respects the rap culture. What he’s lacking though… is cash to put his knowledge to work. He usually gets recording equipment for under $500 and records all his songs at home. Unfortunately… his highest level of production doesn’t go past Soundcloud.

1. The Chill Talent

Photo by Jan Střecha on Unsplash

You can not help but hate him. He’s got a God given talent of spitting bars on the spot and never writes down his lyrics. He is one in a million and he knows it. He never defends his music as he is far superior and your opinion doesn’t matter. He almost never replies back to fans’ comments ’cause he’s too dope to deal with commoners. He oozes greatness and usually doesn’t have a day job or studio, and yet… never lacks anything because everyone else around him will happily provide. From someone’s couch, to someone else’s lunch, to a girlfriend with money, and labels figthing each other over him, he was born to make it and he knows it, and you know it too when you talk to him. No work hard play hard rules apply to this person. He just seems to genuinely enjoy life and never worries about anything. He easily accepts compliments with a simple thanks and moves on to the next blunt like you didn’t even just tell him how incredible his lyrics are. Lucky bastard.

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