5 Intriguing Reasons You Hardly Make Friends As A Musician

Social interaction is needed for the human nature to thrive. Heck, the whole definition of society is based on the word FAMILY. And that is true. To some extent. The dark side of being an artist though, is that often you won’t be able to fit in this regulated world, in the standard rules and criteria. What no one tells you though, is that ALL musicians suffer from this social exclusion, some more than others. And that is OKAY. Read below why it’s NATURAL for musicians to be outcasts.

5. You Are Following Your Dreams

Photo by Sasha Freemind on Unsplash

Trust me when I say that every engineer, doctor, scientist, more than likely has a musical instrument at home that he/she practices on. Math and music are intertwined. And very often these highly intelligent individuals once dreamed of being rock stars. But at some point either their own too-pesimistic perspective, or their very demanding parents, decided it is not a feasible goal so they pursued the academical road. It does not mean, however, that they are completely over it. Deep down inside they’re hurting every single time they see a ”crazy artist” pursuing their music career. So when you can’t click with the educated ones, it is because of THIS reason, not because you are below them. You are not.

4. You Speak Your Mind

Photo by Natasha Connell on Unsplash

And hurt many individuals in the way. Without even being aware that you’re doing it. And that is O-fkin-Kay. How many people have hurt you in your lifetime? Too many. You see, freedom of speech is not well-digested by politically correct individuals. You know by now, that many of us make enemies easier than we make friends. An artist is too in touch with his/her emotions to lie. We are terrible at small talk and even worse at offering fake encouragement. Thus, the boss from the day job that hates your guts, the uppity co-workers that trash-talk you, the clients that look weird at you, and the fans that absolutely love you for the same reason everyone else dislikes you.

3. You Live Life In The Present

Photo by Reza Tahvili on Unsplash

Only a true artist with a God-given calling could risk it all for the sake of music. For increasing even by 0.01% that chance of making it. You just know that THIS is what you’re supposed to be doing, and many times you don’t have a clue how you’re gonna pay your rent in 2 months, or even a week, and yet, you always find a way, and the Universe seems to always give you a helping hand in your struggle. That is extremely annoying to people who spend half their life planning their other half in advance and STILL feel miserable. 9 times out of 10, a musician has learned that security DOES NOT EXIST. That tomorrow is not a guarantee, nor a promise. So we’ve learned to fully enjoy RIGHT HERE, RIGHT NOW. This is such a loud and contagious attitude that it feels like acid burn to those who were taught to always plan for rainy days. Our opinion though: when something like Covid19 hits the ENTIRE WORLD, not event the most long-term-thinking individual is ready. We’re all equally vulnerable in this ish.

2. You Take Your Relationships Very Seriously

Photo by Nijwam Swargiary on Unsplash

Everyone has an opinion on Taylor Swift and how she writes about all her exes. Everyone ”normal” that is. Us, musicians, GET IT. I have never met an artist to express disdain towards Taylor’s way of coping with her emotional baggage. Why? We all do it. It’s just some of us are more famous than others. For artists, every single partner is potentially THE ONE. We jump in both feet and full head on. We love with an incredible power and give our all in romantic relationships. So when they don’t play out as planned, our whole spirit aches and we walk around like lonely wounded wolves singing our pain. Musicians are probably the only individuals walking this Earth capable of falling in love thousands of times during their lifetime. While most people only fall in love on average about 3 times. So now besides academics, politically correct people and long-time thinkers, cut out those who date around casually too. See? We’re always with fewer options.

1. You Got That Something About You

Photo by Taya Iv on Unsplash

Called charm. A lil bit shy but extremely confident when on stage, curious about life, yet very introverted when it comes to making new connections, open-minded most of the time, but rigid in your convictions regarding your calling. Very present, yet pensive in your lyrics. Very alive, yet dead inside when you’ve spent too much time away from music. In a very weird way, musicians are THE very meaning of Yin and Yang: for every positive trait, there’s one equally destructive inside of you waiting to be triggered. You know what that is? Being charming. Hot, but not burning. Cold, but not freezing. Aloof, but not distant. Instead of trying to understand our nature, society decided that would be too complicated and boxed us all in: ”he’s just an artist.” Try to notice how often when a normal person can’t understand a musician, they will always resort to THIS excuse. It’s become basically a diagnosis, like they would say it about bipolar people. And that’s okay too.

If there’s something you should take away from this article, is that you ARE NORMAL and you are highly spiritual, and in touch with your emotions. Something that non-creative people are not really capable of. And that’s part of life. If everyone was an artist, we wouldn’t be so unique. So just smile and keep creating.

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