Chopz Ambitious, The Beginnings Of Dancehall Trap

The trap genre has seen an incredible rise to the top as early as Fetty Wap hit the music scene in 2014. Some would say trap was in its initial phase even back in the 90s with self-procclaimed trappers like T.I, Lil John, Master P, who were paving the road for this type of music and vibes. Because trap is a whole mood, not just a style. You can’t half-arse it. You’re either a trapper, or you’re not. Newly though, trap is seeing a very interesting shift: immersion with an incredible amount of other genres. Today, we’re diving in Dancehall Trap. And more specifically, we’re gonna get familiar with Chopz Ambitious.

Chopz Ambitious – Choppa Finesse Official Music Video

When you start listening to the song, one thing is clear: it’s outstandingly catchy. You may not understand all lyrics clearly if you are not familiar with the slang or dancehall music already, BUT… there’s that something about it that makes it a whole lot of fun vibing to it. A very interesting voice which goes from lower tones to higher throat-focused notes. The flow varies from being dead-serious to this-is-a-party type of energy. What is particular about the Choppa Finesse song, is that it is pretty uptempo. You can actually see yourself dancing to it. A particularity that trap music alone often lacks. If general trap feels like smoking weed and feeling lethargic in your mood, when combined with dancehall it becomes this boost of confidence and movement.

Sean Roman Poole, who otherwise goes by Chopz Ambitious, has been doing music professionally for the last 5 years. He wrote in entirety the lyrics to his single presented to you above: ”My passion for music started back in high school, when I was consistenly listening to the likes of 50 cent , Vybez Kartel, Lil Wayne. I started writing around the same time and that is when realized I got the talent.” – and talented he is indeed, the earworm of Choppa Finesse is a sneaky one: you listen to it once, you think it’s a good song. You listen to it twice – you start moving. You listen to it 3 times – you’re hooked and mumbling ‘choppa finesse‘ when the hook kicks in. And this, honestly, is THE recipe for timeless songs. I never disclosed this before, but… if you start liking a song right away, chances are you’ll get tired of it faster. If, on the other hand, you need to listen to it about 5 times to like it, it’s never gonna go mainstream. And if, however, you like it around the 2nd/3rd time, which I call the silver lining for hit songs, it is a song that will be enjoyed for a very long time. Truly timeless songs grow on you slower than bubble gum pop tracks, but faster than indie projects. And Chopz Ambitious hit the jackpot, probably without even knowing it, with his organic writing formula.

Chopz Ambitious

What you most likely will have noticed by now, is that the music video is hosted by VEVO, which is quite impressive for an independent act ”I got featured on this platform by my distribution company Zojak”, do we have an entrepreneur in becoming? I don’t know, but I do know that Sean is music business savy. Great job! I’m also very curious whether Chopz listens to his own songs or not, as very often musicians don’t. ”Actually yes, I do listen to my own music in my spare time. I listen to myself as a critic and try to observe the areas I can, or need to improve my craft”. Smart guy. Those who miss out on facing their music head-on, get lost later on in their creative path, not knowing whether they’re better or worse than when they 1st started. If Sean is still doing music after 5 years AND listening to himself, he’s definitely leveling up. It takes real guts to face YOURSELF as a critic reviewing an artist.

Chopz Ambitious

Chopz was incredibly lucky given that he managed to shoot his music video right before the Covid19 breakout. So he’s one of the last artists that captured human interaction the old way: standing close to each other, partying, touching, no masks… Something that may be impossible for the next 2 years, as scientists foresee a vaccine available withing the next 24 months, but until then, we’re stuck with isolation and social distancing. Chopz, you are one lucky artist.
As with every individual that we interview on our platform, we try to learn a lesson with every single one. And with Chopz, we got a really good one on our hands: ”My personal biggest lesson since I’ve been doing music is NEVER put your faith in others. I have to do the work. I have to be the one to invest in myself.” – write this one down. This, right here, is HOW you make it. You, no one else but YOU have the power to turn your life around.

Special thanks to my mom for bringing me forth to planet Earth. Second thanks – to everyone who believe in Chopz Ambitious and Ambitious Schemaz, and third special thanks, to you, Blue Rhymez Ent. for having me on an interview” – we appreciate the good manners and the shout out. It is our first one since we started this company. So, thank you very much Sean!

To truly support Chopz Ambitious, go check out his YouTube Channel HERE, like his Facebook Page HERE, listen to him on Spotify HERE, follow him directly on Twitter HERE, and add him to your Apple Music Playlist HERE.

Interview conducted by Mariana Berdianu
Blue Rhymez Entertainment ©2020

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