10 Actions You Can Easily Write Songs About (part 3)

In our series dedicated to helping songwriters come up with easy song themes (Part 1 can be found HERE and Part 2 – HERE ), we’re presenting you today with 10 Actions that will get you filling your pages with rhymes upon rhymes. Have fun and spread the word!

10. Dancing

Ciara – 1, 2 Step

You could never go wrong with some good, old-fashioned dancing. Songs about moving your body and giving in to the rhythm have been around since like… forever. And that stands to back the relevancy of it. Heck, the whole Tik Tok platform is based on creating viral dance challenges. Find a beat that gets you moving and ”call” everyone else to do the same.

9. Practicing A Sport

Songs about sports are actually, very entertaining and usually, super engaging. People feel strongly about the activities they engage in, and even more so, about the teams they support in sports. There’s an incredibly high number of things you could describe in such a song: the location, the movement, the goal, the initial emotion, the trajectory, the finish line, and the overall feeling.

8. Working

Truth be told, you are working most of your life. You are working when you’re at your day job, when you’re trying to establish that new relationship, when you clean house, when you submit resumes for a new job, when you’re waiting for an important answer, and so forth and so on. Work could be physical, mental, spiritual. Focus on what feels like work to YOU and get to writing about it!

7. Singing

Even if you’re a rapper, you can still mumble and most likely have a favorite vocalist that you wish you sounded like. Singing is truly one of the most beautiful, enjoyable activities that the human being can experience in this lifetime. So go tap into that energy, into that pure joy, into the inner power one exercises when singing.

6. Crying

Uhm… yeah, right after singing lol. Maybe, one could cry of joy, right? very rare 😀 however, crying is a natural, human emotion that we all experience sooner or later. I do believe than even Mark Zuckerberg and Elon Musk cried sometime during their lifetime. Share your sorrow, sadness, grief, or whatever caused those tears, with the rest of the world.

5. Having Fun

Whether it’s a party, a trip, a session in the studio, you KNOW how to have fun if you’re an artist. We know a good time like no one else does. Express what is it you like, why this specific activity makes you feel good, who is around you when this takes place, the usual location, the ‘aftermath’, the colors, the price, the things you’ve seen at that moment in time ^.^

4. Dreaming

While not exactly a physical action, dreaming is the brain’s favorite activity. It’s the only time there are no filters, no rules, no intruders, and you get to detox from that day’s events and thoughts. Another fun form of this sport is: daydreaming. Imagining what your future partner is like, what will have changed in your life 10 years from now, what things you’ll have bought after you make it, going to an exotic location, trying something you never had the courage for, saying the truth to someone’s face etc. Let the audience partake in your mental activity and give them the ride of their life.

3. Fighting

You could be fighting your enemy to the trenches of hell and back, or you could be fighting your inner demons. Fighting is part of life. And no one goes down without fight. Whether it’s for your love, for your friends, for your health, for your material possesions, for your future, we fight as much as we work. Now channel your inner warrior and tell everyone why you’re a badass.

2. Having Sex

uhm… so this one is purely physical and very entertaining 😀 will leave the details to your own censorship limits

1. Listening

As long as you’re not eaves dropping on people engaging in activity number 2 😀 I’m having too much fun this article. Now, on a serious note, listening to music, to your own thoughts, to your best friend, to your family, to your fans, to the world generally, will teach you so much. If people learned to listen more than they talk, we’d all make less mistakes and experience more success.

Now that you’re equipped with ideas and suggestions, tear that paper down with the abundance of your lyrics and remember: always write more than you should!

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