MJSM and TH3 D4NBO ft. Erin Thomas – Smokescreen, The Feeling Of A Much-Needed Summer

Do you know what difficulty brings? Resourcefulness. And MJSM along with TH3 D4NBO, the first being a house producer and the 2nd – a trance producer, came together to craft a charming, captivating, deserving-of-your attention song: Smokescreen. The original mix instigates feelings of a gorgeous, hot, sunny summer. If we had one. Given the current situation in the world, we’ll most likely have to blast our speakers and party indoors to songs like Smokescreen to feel a bit of a normal summer.

But going back to my opening question, I want to mention how the symbolic music video for Smokescreen, was made entirely out of stock footage. Now that is called being resourceful. Props to you guys!
The two producers know each other since the 2000s and used to hit the UK festival scene together. Both 35, and both from Bolton, UK. Needless say, the harmony between the two, although apt in different genres, is speaking clearly through the music.
The vocals deserve their own shout out as well, the singer being: Erin Thomas.

Smokescreen Cover Artwork

The song opens up pretty much right away, 2 seconds in, and then you get an augmented build up from 00:28 to 00:33, and at 00:34 the smooth vocals beautifully cut in marking the end of the song’s intro. Then the same sweet but mature voice leads us into the core music set of the song, bit by bit, from 00:48 up until when we get the much-needed drop at 01:18. The vocals artfully come back at 01:49 intertwined with a light synth in the background, and then integrated with the intermittent claps at 02:03 and then, takes us with a strong lead into the final part of the song at 02:34. After which you can safely bop to the track with no slow downs well until 3:04. A transitional bit follows until 03:19 when you get the stripped outro from our producers.

TH3 D4NBO’s Spotify Profile HERE, and Instagram HERE.
MJSM’s Spotify Profile HERE, and Instagram HERE.
Ultrawave Records Facebook Page HERE.

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