10 Places You Can Easily Write Songs About (Part 4)

We’ve covered in the past days the subjects, emotions, and actions, that you could easily write about. Today, it’s time for inspirational places. As always, get your pen and paper and follow us through this fun list!

10. Cities

Jay Z ft. Alicia Keys – Empire State Of Mind

We’re all so tied to our birthplaces, to where our identity first came about. Then we get tied to the places where we had our first job, our first love, our first successful business endeavour. And it’s usually the cities that make the most impact on one’s mindset. Because the cities will chew and spit you out. It takes guts, courage, determination, resilience, and vision, to survive AND thrive in the metropolitan lifestyle. What’s your top city at the moment that made the deepest impression on you and why?

9. Vacation Destinations

Madonna – La Isla Bonita

Unforgettable memories are created in unforgettable places. Usually, during vacations. Whether it’s a ski trip, a Hawaii retreat, or jogging on the beaches of Miami, you got so much beauty to share with your listeners. Bonus points for unsual locations: hunting trips, escape rooms experiences, delayed airplanes that forced you to visit an unplanned city etc.

8. Countries

X Ambassadors – American Oxygen

One can talk sincerely in depth and expose different aspects of a culture only when one is part of that country’s population for a prolonged time. If you’ve visited France only once, and only for a week, stay away from writing a song where you generalize the entire country based on your one time experience. If, on the other hand, you’ve studied a nice 4 years and have traveled around the whole France, by all means, do write about it. It’s not just about the love in the air, the wine, and the Eiffel Tour. It’s about the things not seen from the outside.

7. The Space

Katy Perry – E.T. ft. Kanye West Music Video

If you’re on the wild side, this is for YOU. Go insane, go nuts, go limitless, go beyond anything you’ve ever assumed about other forms of life, planets, air, colors, shapes, smells, textures, skies etc. Katy Perry imagined a whole relationship with an extraterrestrial being. Here’s your challenge: go further and darker than Katy. Show us how bending the limits of human imagination looks like.

6. Bodies of Water

Mr. Probz – Waves Music Video

Oceans, seas, lakes, rivers, and everything related to water, is such a pure contemplation of creativity and beauty. Where a regular person sees blue water, you see the deep eyes of your loved one. Instead of a big rock, you see the difficulties of life one has to endure, hit by so many waves repeatedly while maintaining their core structure, their integrity. Instead of a pretty ship docked in the port, you see the possibility of leaving it all behind and searching for new adventures, for new beginnings, while the wood the ship is made of – reminds you of your roots that you could never run from.

5. Home

Ed Sheeran – Castle On The Hill Lyric Video

If you’re a wild child, your home is made of the people you love and respect. Your home is not determined by a physical location, but rather by an emotional one. If, on the other hand, you grew up in a city you absolutely adore and where that old coffee shop is still open and run by that family for generations, we’re sincerely jealous of you. Tell us what home means to you, what home does for you, and why you miss it like you most likely miss the good times in it.

4. Mental Spaces

Kylie Minogue – Can’t Get You Out Of My Head

By far – the easiest item on this list. Here are 3 main mental locations: in your soul, in your heart, in your mind. No need for further explanations here.

2. Clubs

Usher – DJ Got Us Fallin’ In Love

Women go there to dance, men to… romance, if we put it nicely. Fights break out in clubs (shout out to Drake and Chris Brown who’ve trashed completely the Greenhouse in Manhattan over Rihanna), one night stands are on the regular, some lucky ones even get dates for the next day, and some fall in love. Love it or hate it, clubs BRING IT ON. And I truly, sincerely, genuinely hope that this covid19 goes away asap, cause currently, music videos about partying are the only reminder of big crowds in the clubs and feeling one with everyone there bumping to the same songs. I will never again take for granted the freedom of hitting the club for a good time. And neither should you.

1. Fun Locations

Beyonce – Partition Music Video

You got a trampoline in your backyard? fill it with an imaginary block party and go in! You love going on rollercoasters? Write about all those ”ups and downs”. Had the chance to hit the Rockefeller Center? Share all about that ice-skating ring under those gorgeous lights. Ever happened to have to use the rooftop for a photoshoot? go back there again and carry your writing pad with you. Yes, I said writing pad because I will forever promote the good, old relationship between the artist and the pen. No computer will ever give you the same satisfaction as when you put that ink down on paper and then you have to fold it in your backpocket and go hit the studio. And with my lil’ rant, I’m ending this article. 🙂
The last part in our series dedicated to helping songwriters, part 5th, is coming up next!

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