Alone by Rob Burlinson, When The Singer Overdelivers

Creations like this are straight up: impossible to find. Rob Burlinson is a grade A singer, with a vocal control that exceeds your average YouTube cover artist. I know I was in for a treat when I heard the first 30 seconds of Alone. And it just kept getting better with every line. And at around 01:00 he just goes IN! wow! Rob just hit us with a fusion of retro vibes à la Michael Jackson, rapid flow à la Ed Sheeran but with a voice of his own. Heck, any beginner rapper would be in deep trouble trying to rap those fast parts while still sounding clear and not eating syllables.

Rob Burlinson Alone Cover Artwork

I’m on my 5th listen of the song. It’s just too good to listen only once to it. I am so happy to have discovered Rob’s track, as music these days is pretty boring. But every now and then, a fun masterpiece comes along and my ears get a treat while my brain goes into full analysis mode.
The beat is a laid back dance track, with some melodical ”oh”-s in the background. The dominant musical element is similar to Zara Larsson’s Symphony. Which honestly, is a great freaking thing. It sounds comforting while completely new at the same time. You’ve got gold on your hands Rob Burlinson!
The lyrics are profound and very melancholic. ”Do you remember the years/ when i wiped away your tears/ and i told you that i loved you everyday/ do you remember how that made you feel” this hits home. Hard. For any person that’s been through the ups and downs of a long-term relationship, we all know too well the feeling. And yet, the fast flow and Rob’s voice turn the whole song into a powerful statement rather than regret. It’s almost like someone saying he knows he is alone but he is okay with it. He can grow from this. He will move past this moment in time.
And lastly, if we’re to talk about the quality of the mix and master, absolutely outstanding. Again, it overdelivers. No unbalanced drums, no annoying vocal layering, no noise, just beautiful from start to finish.
Our Final Verdict: an earworm waiting to keep you company for a long time. The type of song that you’ll willingly hit replay.

Special Thanks from Rob: ”I would like to give a big shout out to my music producer: Amine Bouterfas. And also my dad, Rob Burlinson Senior, for his input, rhythm guitars, acoustic and electric guitar solos. Thank you!

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